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If you're a keen LEGO Star Wars fan like us, then you'll probably already own most of the LEGO Star Wars sets, right? But if you're also like us, then your desire to mix two of your favorite things (LEGO and Star Wars) probably hasn't been satisfied just yet either.

Well, today we're here to give you some advice on where you can find amazing LEGO Star Wars MOC ideas, ranging from LEGO Star Wars ship MOCs to LEGO Mandalorian MOCs. The point is, not everything we fans want to build in the Star Wars universe has been made available by LEGO yet, so today we'll teach you where to find lots of MOC ideas to get you started on creating the things you want to see. Ready to find out more? Then follow us to the section below.

Where to find MOC Star Wars building ideas

The first thing you'll need to know is where exactly to find LEGO Star Wars MOC ideas to begin with. And to be honest, the list we've put together here doesn't even begin to cover half of the places you can find MOC ideas, but these are certainly some of the more common starting points:


Whenever we have a desire to start a new MOC, it's Rebrickable we're heading to first. It'll take you to all their most popular LEGO Star Wars MOCs, and that's always a great place to start. They have everything on the website you could need, including some really impressive LEGO Star Wars mini MOC instructions, which are perfect if you're new to MOCs. We found a mini MOC in less than a minute of a miniature Millenium Falcon.

Make sure you register with the site too. They have a nifty feature where you can upload your entire LEGO brick collection to the website, and when you're logged into your account and browsing different MOCs, it'll tell you if you have all the bricks already in your collection, so you can get started right away!

Lego Star Wars MOC ideas


Mocsmarket is another great place to look, and it works similarly to Rebrickable. You find MOC instructions for a product you want to build, spend an often very small fee, and then you have access to the step-by-step guide on how to create it. Put simply, it's like you purchase unofficial LEGO instructions to help create unofficial LEGO sets with the LEGO bricks you already own.

Mocsmarket also features a few free MOC instructions for different LEGO Star Wars MOC ideas, so this would be where we recommend newcomers get started. You basically get a free taster session to see if building LEGO MOCs is something you're able to do, and it might help you see the quality of the instructions and list of LEGO blocks you need, so you can decide whether paying for other MOC instructions are worth it for you.


We've actually posted about different LEGO YouTubers in the past, many of whom create LEGO MOCs. Given that Star Wars is so popular, you can find quite a few YouTube videos showing how to create different Star Wars MOCs. These videos are all great as entertainment, but they're also a great education in LEGO Star Wars MOCs.

Often the YouTuber will tell you in the video the parts they've used, or else include it in the information below, so you can still recreate the MOC ideas they've presented in the video. And better yet, if MOC instructions are something you struggle with, watching someone else build it in front of you is a great way to learn, and maybe one day even give you ideas to create LEGO Star Wars MOC ideas of your own because of all the techniques you'll learn.


If you're completely new to MOCs, hold off on looking for LEGO Star Wars MOC ideas on Pinterest for a little while. Don't get us wrong, there are ideas everywhere for Star Wars MOCs on Pinterest, but not all of them have instructions with them. This can be frustrating for new MOC builders because you might not have the skills you need just yet to look at the finished product and the block list and know where to begin.

But don't worry, building MOCs using the suggestions above first will definitely help you get used to MOC building. Eventually, you'll be able to fire through a MOC build whilst barely looking at the instructions. When you reach that point, head to Pinterest, because a whole other world awaits you there!

Our two cents...

Just before we move on to the next section, we wanted to remind everyone that MOC building can be challenging for newcomers. We'd recommend always starting small. There are some HUGE LEGO Star Wars MOCs out there, requiring thousands of bricks and hundreds of step-by-step instructions, and whilst the finished result is always awesome, the road to get there is tricky.

Like anything, building LEGO MOCs requires patience and the development of certain skills. Whilst similar to building a regular LEGO set, there are some differences. Have fun with it, learn new skills slowly, start small, and eventually you'll be building those gigantic LEGO Razor Crest MOCs!

Don't forget lighting is EVERYTHING (at least around here, anyway)

Now let's talk lighting, shall we? We know we talk about it all the time, but that's because LEGO lighting takes a LEGO MOC and raises it to the next level. Of course, you'll need to create a DIY lighting project of your own to help you get started. If you're new to LEGO lighting, then start by checking out some of the lighting kits we already offer for LEGO Star Wars sets. That way, you'll get some idea about the sort of lights that are used and the different purposes for them.

If you want more detailed info, for example, you can check out our lighting kit for LEGO AT-AT 75288, and look at the 'Whats Included' image to see everything that's used to light up this specific LEGO set. It's a great way to get an in-depth look at what's used in lighting kits and to look at the finished product too, so you can see the sort of things you can achieve with just a few simple lights!

Plug and play!

In a recent post we spoke a little about dot lights and strip lights and the different ways they can be used, so we won't go into that again. But we do just want to remind you that all our lighting works on a plug and play basis. Head to our accessories page, to get a closer look at the different types of lights and the different colored lights we have available.

By plug and play, we mean exactly that. Take your lights, connect them to an expansion board, and power them using a USB Power Cable connected to a USB Power Bank, and hey presto: lights! There's no need to do anything more complicated than that. Creating your own DIY lighting kit for your LEGO Star Wars MOC is simple, so check out our accessories page today to get started on putting together a lighting kit that will make your Star Wars MOCs shine!

Before you jump in...

However you decide to get started with LEGO Star Wars MOCs, remember to do your research first. Look for LEGO Star Wars MOC ideas online, be thorough whilst looking at the instructions and LEGO block lists, and don't forget to do some research if you're looking at our LEGO lighting options too. The key to a successful (and beautifully lit) LEGO MOC is putting in a lot of effort and research at the start of the project, so building it and lighting it up is a breeze afterwards!


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