Lighting Garage Center 60232 Set

The Lego City Garage Center 60232 with only 200+ pieces will be a perfect option for your kids just like the Briksmax lighting kit. With app assistance for interactive Lego piece assembly and instruction book for light kit setup, you can let your kids try or help them in adding lights.

Depicting the fun-filled scenes from the animated TV series of Lego City in 2019, the Garage Center 60232 set comes with multiple vehicles like a sports car and tow truck, car wash and gas tanker.  With four Minifigures namely the driver of the sports car, a worker at the gas station, the mechanic and Harl Hubbs, the set are designed for 4+ years old kids. The structure is complete with a toy garage featuring a car lift, the gas station pump featuring a flexible hose and the drive-through car wash featuring bucket and hose. Youngsters, preschoolers, and school-kids will love to add the handmade premium lighting kit of Briksmax so that the set never remains in dark.

Specialties Of Garage Center 60232 Set

Before you light up 60232 Legos, install the Lego Life app on your compatible Android or iOS mobile device. Kids can access intuitive building instructions for an easy building process, zooming, rotating and visualizing the creation with Ghost mode.

Kids will get a sense of achievement, confidence, and independence with the Life app as they construct the vehicles and buildings with the Starter Brick bases and chassis.

With the Lego LED light kits  you can brighten up the red-colored sports car featuring red wheels along with the blue and yellow tow truck featuring the crane arm that can be raised. 

The lights will also highlight the two traffic cones, oil dispenser, a mug, exhaust pipes, tools, a bucket, air intake, and an oil barrel.

Lightening The Garage Center 60232 Set Up With Light Kit

As the light kit for Lego 60232  comes without batteries, you need to get them separately in advance and set the brick separators in a way that you do not have to pass the wires forcibly.  You can drive the sports car onto a lift by giving a boost, gas the engine and steer as you wish and run the car through the car wash station.  

There is an instruction book consisting of installation steps in the universal language and illustrations. The Lego night light kit also offers you a user guide for ease of latter installation and the after-sales card that covers manufacturer guarantee for two years.

The random colored two Lego pieces will help in customization with the Lego structure. Insert the AA batteries in the battery pack, connect the USB power cord measuring 30cm with the hub and prepare the Adhesive Square with the three expansion boards having 6 ports each.

The light kit for Garage Center 60232  comes with two light strips and two 15cm LEDs of white tone, one 10cm, one 15cm and one 30cm warm white LEDs, two slow flashing 15cm LEDs of red and green glow respectively.

One 5cm, one 15cm and two 30cm connecting cables are to be passed comfortably between stubs. Make sure that the wires are well hidden so that the outer look is not ruined.

You should test each accessory inside the air-bubble wrapped plastic packets so that no damaged, broken or malfunctioning part gets unnoticed. In case of a quality issue, return the box in 7 days and accept a replacement.



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