Lighting Accessories For LEGO® MOC

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Lego Star Wars Lightsaber  LightailingLego Star Wars Lightsaber  Lightailing
USB Hub 2.0 USB Splitter for Lego lightingUSB Hub 2.0 USB Splitter
Lightailing USB Hub 2.0 USB Splitter
From $13.99
USB Extension Cable to Light Up Lego MOC2 IN 1 USB Extension Cable
Lightailing USB Extension Cable
From $7.99
Usb Extension Cable to power up lego
BriksMax Usb Extension Cable
Lego AA/AAA Battery Pack LightailingAA/AAA Battery Pack to light up lego
Lightailing AA/AAA Battery Pack
From $11.99
6-Port Expansion Boards to light up lego6-Port Expansion Boards DIY Light Kit For Lego/MOC
Lego lighting of 8-Port Expansion Boards-(Three Pack)  BriksMax8-Port Expansion Boards for DIY lego lights
White Led Micro Dot Lights (Three Pack) from BriksMaxDIY LEGO Light
Three Packs of 5cm Connecting Cables for legoDIY Lego Lighting Connecting Cables
Warm-White Lego Dot LightsDIY Lego MOC Lighting accessory
micro Lego Street Light from BriksMaxLego lamp with connecting cable
Lego Dot Lights(Red)30cm-(Three Pack)  BriksMaxThree Packs of the DIY LEGO lights
Lego 12-Port Expansion Boards-(Three Pack)  BriksMax12-Port Expansion Boards For Lego DIY Lighting Kit
Lego AA Battery Pack from BriksMaxLego AA Battery Pack without battery
BriksMax AA Battery Pack
three packs Blue Dot Lights for Lego from BriksMaxblue led LEGO micro light
Three Packs of 15cm Yellow Dot Light from BriksMaxYellow Micro Lego light
The Building Light Starter Kitlight up lego creator
Lighting Remote Control Module-Version 2.0Lighting Remote Control Module-Version 2.0
4-Port RGB Expansion Boards for lego lightingexpansion boards fordiy lego light parts