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1*1 Lego Dot Lights (In Many Colors)1*1 Lego Dot Lights (In Many Colors)
1*2 Ceiling lamp-Version 2.01*2 Ceiling lamp-Version 2.0
1*2 Side strip  light(Three Pack)-Version 2.01*2 Side strip  light(Three Pack)-Version 2.0
1*6 Expansion board-Version 2.01*6 Expansion board-Version 2.0
1*6 Lego Brick Strip Lights-(Three Pack,In Many Colors)1*6 Lego Brick Strip Lights-(Three Pack,In Many Colors)
Lego 12-Port Expansion Boards-(Three Pack)  BriksMax12-Port Expansion Boards For Lego DIY Lighting Kit
12-Port Expansion Boards-(Three Pack)-Version 2.012-Port Expansion Boards-(Three Pack)-Version 2.0
Three Packs of 15cm Yellow Dot Light from BriksMaxYellow Micro Lego light
15cm RGB Connecting Cables (Three Pack)15cm RGB Connecting Cables (Three Pack)
1x4 Side strip light(Three Pack)-Version 2.01x4 Side strip light(Three Pack)-Version 2.0
2*2 Round lamp-Version 2.02*2 Round lamp-Version 2.0
30cm Breathing Light (Three Pack)30cm Breathing Light (Three Pack)
30cm RGB Connecting Cables(Three Pack)30cm RGB Connecting Cables For DIY Lego Lights
4-Port RGB Expansion Boards for lego lightingexpansion boards fordiy lego light parts
Three Packs of 5cm Connecting Cables for legoDIY Lego Lighting Connecting Cables
6-Port Expansion Boards to light up lego6-Port Expansion Boards DIY Light Kit For Lego/MOC
6-Port Expansion Boards-(Three Pack)-Version 2.06-Port Expansion Boards-(Three Pack)-Version 2.0