Briksmax Light Kit For Hogwarts Express – Collectors' Edition 76405

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John Seely
Hard to do but worth it

I’ve built dozens of Lego models but this was my first time using a light kit. This kit requires a fair amount of disassembly. Wires are hidden between the lugs of the Lego bricks. This works OK with horizontal bricks but not so well with vertical assemblies. The station, which is particularly hard to do, is an example. Many of the wires run behind the beige columns. The wires are just thick enough to decrease the holding power of the blocks. The columns fall off easily which led to the collapse of a large part of the central arch. I finally resorted to gluing parts together. It all worked out in the end and looks great. The engine was far easier to do. Make sure you put the connector block as close to the engineer’s cab as possible. Otherwise the cable to the passenger car won’t be long enough. The passenger car was also a challenge. Putting the LED’s in the little yellow lights was very hard. I finally took out the single Lego block from under each light and put them together as an assembly. It took pliers and glue to get them seated. Make sure to reserve a spot in the connector for wire that comes from the engine or else it will be too short. An additional challenge is that the final assembly and wiring has to be done with the whole train on the track. As I have this displayed on my fireplace mantle, I did not want to work on it there. You can’t move the whole train and track assembly as one piece. I put the whole assembly on a board and was able to move it in one piece. I also did not find pdf instructions on the internet. The printed instructions that come with the kit are adequate but very small.
The final effect is very nice.

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