Lightailing Light Kit For Las Vegas 21047

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Light Kit For Las Vegas 21047

Jackpot! A+

Ethan Faulkner
Las Vegas 21047 Lego Lighting Kit

This was given to me for Christmas this year and it was my first lighting kit for lego I have ever had. I have to be honest here and say that I was originally on the fence about this kind of thing however, Lightailing has completed changed my mind. After I put on the lights to the lego set the results were great. To start off with, the instructions were very simple and easy to comprehend, the lights are also very bright and powerfully and provide the quality I was looking for which was a high expectation to meet, when putting it together with the actual lego set it was a flawless experience, for this one it took me about an hour to complete the addition of the lights but I was very impressed at how I could not see the wires at all and the lights only even though it is a small set, Lightailing also made it very easy for me to turn on and off my lights. I am a huge lego collector and a little bit of a perfectionist in terms of making sure all the pieces are straight and everything looks clean and precise, Lightailing made no room for error and I am very impressed, I highly recommend this product and any other Lightailing sets. I will be buying more for sure :)

Karsten S. (DK)
Las Vegas

The oldest kid like it (and the the rest of us) it makes her Lego Architecture display much cooler.

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