Light Kit For Ford Mustang 10265(Don't Miss Out)

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Surprised at the difference

I could not be happier with the results of this light kit. It is the first once that I have ever installed and was Very impressed by the effect of it and how much better the set looked after. The instructions were very easy to follow. I will say the only difficult part was how small the connections and actually led lights are but that is a small thing to get past with how amazing the car looked after installed.

Michael Clasen
Perfect Kit

I've already ligtened up my Batmobil 70905 with an Kit from lightailing. For the Mustang I've bought this one from BRIKSMAX and i was very mazed how different it is compared to the lightailing ones. The LED's from Briksmax are all seperade wired and plug connected where lighttailing sends you an amazing all in one cable tree.
To wire up the Mustang is pretty easy and fun. I alsolike that you can put thebattery box on the backseat to be still able to play with it without having to worry about loose wires or a huge battery box to nurse.
The result is astonishing and I'm very pleased with the result and building experience.

Ginny Ray
Simple to install - great effect!!

I absolutely love the product and it is worth every penny! It makes out of a very good LEGO model a perfect one. I can really recommend the product. It is easy to install and it comes with a detailed instruction manual. The lightning parts fit perfectly and it has taken to next level my Lego ford Mustang.

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