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Kristopher Jenks
On/off switch

We purchased the light kit for the Lego R2-D2 and the instructions on how to assemble it were quite well.
The one item we don’t really like and it seems as though you and Lego didn’t work together on is the on/off switch.
To get to the controller inside of R2, you need to disassemble 1/4 of R2. We choose to take his head off and just pull the plug from the battery pack because that is easier. Not sure if that is good or not, but that’s how we are going to do it.
Maybe you have this option and I missed it, but a remote control to operate would be ideal. Consider that on future light kits.
The light do look really cool though!

Beep boop beep!

For my first light I ever installed, I was impressed! With every led installed I literally felt R2-D2 coming to life, and when I lit it up for the first time I thought C3PO was gonna walk in my room! Totally pick this set up, the force is strong with the light kit!

Ted Lee
Horrible instructions

The manual is really not detailed and it’s hard to tell what part is what. So much so that I decided to just box it up and toss it in with the Lego box for now.

It would be nice if the instructions detailed during *assembly* which part to use where. That would be a great time-saver (as opposed to building it, then taking it apart per their instructions.)

We're sorry for that. We hope this install video will help you:

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