Light Kit For Winter Holiday Train 10254

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Light Kit For Winter Holiday Train 10254


Light is the best you can buy

Fantastic kit if you havnt motorized the train

I love lighttailing kits. They are well built go together easily and have great USB connectors. And dont break the way briksmax kits tend to. My only complaint is this kit is not really designed with a motorized train in mind. Which, is an option in the manual of the train, so it's reasonable to assume a lot of people will do it. With a motorized train the included double A battery box is just overall too bulky to put anywhere in the train. I had to completely butcher the christmas tree car to hold the battery box and given that is the most christmassy part of the train it just generally took away from the entire aesthetic. If you have another train car and can add a battery car behind the caboose the wires would be long enough to accommodate that however. Which is what I am going to do next christmas. Inkling bricks sells a number of plans for holiday themed cars that should hold a good sized battery box while maintaining the aesthetic of the train. If you are motorizing I would recommend that. I will say, only buy lighttailing kits now. Every other vendor I have tried is poor by comparison. I have tried many alternatives and currently have 6 lighttailing kits and all of the kits are great. This is the only one that wasn't perfect. But It would be perfect if I hadn't motorized.

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