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New Arrivals Of Lighting Kit For LEGO

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How To Quickly Add Led Lights To Your Lego Sets/MOC Builds

You may want your favorite Lego building sets to be out of the ordinary, then trying to light it up is a great idea.

Step 1: Get Lighting Solutions For LEGO® Or MOCs

To get started, you can get the best light kit which is especially designed for specific LEGO set, or you can also choose to make diy led lights if you have strong practical abilities.

To install lights to the specific LEGO sets, just enter the Lego name in the search box which you can find out from the head of our webpage and get the Lightailing or Briksmax light kit.

And if you want to light up MOC bricks, you can choose the necessary lighting parts you want from our components range, which are perfectly compatible for your LEGOS or MOC.

Step 2: Install the Light kit By Following Instruction Or Your Imagination

If you get our LEGO® light kits for specific LEGO® set, just follow the step-by-step instruction guide and you'll easily enlighten LEGO® bricks.

Or if you get the DIY LEGO® light kit for MOC building, spark your imagination and creativity to add the led lights and take your MOC to the next level.

All our lighting kits are plug and play - no electronics knowledge needed!

Video: Know More About The Lightailing LEGO® Lights