Kit d'éclairage pour bateau à vapeur Mickey Mouse Steamboat Willie 21317

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Just what Mickey wanted!

This light kit is very nice! Perfect fot this little boat… but very hard to install! The light kit is well designed,but, to disassemble the boat partially to install the light and feed the wires, the thing falls apart and is very tricky to put back together because of the way parts are barely holding together. Don’t get me wrong, the results are satisfying!! Niiice… sail in style Steamboat Willie!!

Simone Vailati
Beautiful set but slightly difficult. attention.

Beautiful set, but I recommend an important modification to avoid breaking an A04 cable.
following the manual step 25-26 I suggest to pass the cable not cutting the green piece along the length (short path) but making it follow the edge of the green piece either to the right or to the left and then go down below.
the cable is long sufficiently and can be done.
so you will avoid a possible break at point 68 when you go to insert the upper part of the ship.

Hello Customer,

Thank you for sharing the tip to deal with A04 with us, and we do believe that the tip will
be of use when a customer find it difficult to assemble the parts to decorate the buliding blocks. It is worth mentioning and we will keep the momentum to optimize the details in our instruction manuals.

Receiving reviews and hearing constructive opinions are what we long for and we appreciate every customer's point of view to make a start on Lightailing kits. Blessings.

Cesar Torres
Beautiful lights

The quality is very good and give a warm view of my model.

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