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a mega awesome light set and with a lot of detail and super mega fat to definitely buy

Ferris wheel light set is very nice and cool because it is colorful because it changes color continuously and that is what makes this set so beautiful because the fairground theme really comes up and that is what this set does it brings colorful ferris wheel to life as you can see and that's so nice because it's coolest because ferris wheel is round that's also special that round looks so nice all and that is definitely a must you should definitely buy i definitely recommend buying it because it definitely has more value than lego fairground set because otherwise it just looks ordinary and we don't want that it has to be added because that is that the fair brings even more life and that ferris wheel is also very special what are the details of the curves and the gondolas and also of the cash register which also has light is also so wonderfully beautiful to see especially when it is dark or at night when you light it it is beautiful and also so cool that they include three switches mega fatntattic buy it definitely worth it bye!

a mega awesome light set and with a lot of detail and super mega fat to definitely buy

i am very satisfied with the set it is definitely that you should get it in your house if you have the lego creator haunted house you should definitely assemble it on your set i say it is recommended to be sure to install on your set you should be careful with small twists and that you certainly should not have someone do this alone and certainly not someone under 6 years old but it says that it is not suitable for someone under six years you better have someone help to install it on you lego set because it does require caution and that you should definitely read the user manual before you plan to install this that you know what to look out for because otherwise if you don't read it then you better don't install it that nothing happens to your light set that you are certainly careful and that you also take some time and that you certainly do not make it too fast but at ease that it is good not fast and wrong buy this fatatic move!


Porsche looks gorgeous with light!

Great product

Love this light kit. Legos have a whole new demographic. Would love to get more tv show sets and have lights to highlight them. Would def buy these if they got more building/kits. Love how it made the legos look just like the show.

Light Kit For Ghostbusters™ ECTO-‪1 10274‬

Really has made the kit come to life, worth every penny

Great kit but I had some problems with it

For 1 this a really nice light kit, I would love to add even more to my other sets, however the problems I had were with mainly with the instructions, they were a bit hard to follow but not too difficult, the stickers to hold the lights in the back of the falcon were not adhesive enough so they kept falling off even though they were brand new, other than those this is a really great light kit and I highly recommend it!

Better than the rest

Still a huge pain to put on but the directions are better than the rest. This is my 3rd purchase of light kits for legos and the directions are better than the previous 2.

Incredible Light Kit!!!

This light kit for Mos Eisley is perfect! It really enhances what is already a great LEGO set!

AT-ST Raider

Light kit is nice. Very simple. Only 5 lights.

Ford Mustang

Amazing lights great seller highly recommend had loads over the years

Winter fire station

Amazing lights great seller highly recommend had loads over the years

London bus

Amazing lights great seller highly recommend had loads over the years

Ship in the bottle

Amazing lights great seller highly recommend had loads over the years

Fishing store

Great light kits as always had a few years now and they are really cool

All of these kits are awesome!

This was my first Bricksmax kit, a bit tedious to install with the long wires to bundle, but it looks like the newer Lightailing kits have harnesses with appropriate-length wires. I love adding these kits to our Lego cars, have done this Porsche 911 RSR, the Ducati motorcycle and a big Jeep kit, have kits ordered for the McLaren and Ferrari 488 kits. I don't always use all the lights but individual lights are easily deleted. They add so much to the static displays! Really well designed and manufactured kits, and zero problems with anything so far. Nice work Lightailing!

Love it.

Love the effects it gives. Be careful when wiring, misplaced wires can lead to some weird effects. I used the idiot guide as well as the YouTube channel in helping me.

Great Product!


Great Product!

Note, I put five stars for 'easy to assemble' but it may not seem that way if this is your first time installing an LED kit into a Lego set. This is my third time doing so and it's definitely something you get better with over time (and patience) as you learn to navigate the wires within the underlying structure. Overall I have no complaints, Lightrailing has consistently provided quality kits (I have their Dr. Who TARDIS kit) and the instructions are easy to follow if you pay attention to detail. My favorite part is that they are designed to be installed in a way that makes the trailing wire come out the back, allowing you more ease in hiding the battery pack when the kit is on display.

Great lightning!

This lighting set perfectly stages the ucs set! As usual, very good quality and top step by step installation instructions!

Looks amazing!

Looks amazing! Instructions are easy to follow, only complaint is how thin the wires are. Super easy to split. Had to make at least a dozen splices in the wires when they broke. Would be nice to have a slightly larger gauge of wire to eliminate splits.

Nice lighting

The instructions are a little miss leading, but very nice when you are done!

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Great set

This set and many other sets from lightailing are the best I’ve had loads from these people over the years and really make the lego kits stand out more with the lights ..many thanks to everyone who is involved in these kits if I could but more than 5 stars then I would as they are easy 10 star from me ⭐️ Great deals not so bad since they do come from overseas but well worth the wait
See pic below top gear car is on the bottom shelf

Fantastic Light Kit!

The light kit is perfect. The instructions are easy to follow and all the items are packaged perfectly to ensure nothing is broken. Shipping was about 10 days and tracking was always updated. I have bought another kit from Lightailing as well and it is also fantastic. I will continue to do business with them!

Not easy but worth the effort!

As what most of the reviewer said, the 1 stub light piece is most difficult to assemble, I need to file a bit to let the Lego part fit properly. Not suitable for kids, the manual is OK though not the best, took me 2 hrs to complete the installation but nevertheless it's worth it!

Excellent lighting set

Set comes with all cables packaged seperately and with good instructions. My wife had no problems installing it and now the set looks amazing in the dark. I higly recommend this set over the one where all cables are already attached to eachother.