Kit d'éclairage pour Super Mario 64™ Question Mark Block 71395

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Horizon tallneck

The setup is very nice. Lights are very bright and I love the colours. It is well though out and works pretty well. Instructions are very well done, but I did fought with the neck lights a bit. It requires correct orientation of 1x2 pieces and correct twisting of the wiring, which i did not understood from the manual on the first try. They are logicaly put, but it took me while to figure out and because of a intentionally "short wires" (they have no extra length, which makes them more invisible) you have to get it 100% right. When i turned them wrong side up I almost snapped the wiring. So be carefull. Other than that. Super fun build a beatifull outcome.

Kevi Curtis
HD Forbidden West

At first I had thought that it would be a challenge to install these lights but after reading the steps and ensuring to follow them exactly step by step being careful these lights got installed without issue and without concern.

The end result is amazing these lights are perfect for any kit that you want to display and light up, I will be getting more kits over time to complete my kits going forward and I am sure I will be just as pleased as I am now with all end results.

Lego set is not built correctly in instructions

The set was perfect until I reached the lights going to the neck. After a lot of confusion and comparing both the Lego and light instructions, I realized that the light instructions has the set built incorrectly in the neck. I had to do quite a bit of workarounds to make this work.

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