Kit d'éclairage pour Land Rover Defender 42110

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Great Kit, Ideas for Premium Version

This kit was very easy to install. The leds are very bright and very well integrated and the wire lengths were perfect for a clean install. My kit included a paper instruction set which I preferred to looking up the instructions online. The only dislike is the battery pack. The on switch is on the same end as the USB plug. For the battery pack to fit in the vehicle with the lights on, the USB plug sits over the mid bulkhead between the front seats, with the pack in the rear. This means to press the switch the battery must be fully removed from the rear. Compare this to my technic defender kit, the switch is on the opposite end of the battery, so I can open the rear door and switch on or off the battery without having to remove it. Much more convenient.

Ideas to improve this kit or make a premium version. I would prefer warm white lighting to cool white. Cool white is not realistic to the vehicle. Also I would love a controller with sound capability for some off-road exploration sounds and a blinking mode where tail lights and turn signals could blink to simulate a vehicle.

I'm very happy with this kit as-is, but there definitely could be a premium version.

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