Kit d'éclairage pour Bonsai Tree 10281

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Nice looking but required modifications and glue

This was my first Lightailing kit install and the difficulty was higher than I was expecting. Still I was able to get the kit installed and it does look great with minimal wires showing when everything is done. It's also wired so you can still separate the 3 pieces and display them spaced out if you'd prefer.

The kit is also very bright! So bright my camera had trouble taking pictures in a 100% dark room. The product pictures are very accurate, and the colors match very well and complement the kit.

Battery life is also great so far. I've had it going for a few hours now on rechargeable batteries and it's still very bright. I have not tried with a USB charger but I'm assuming it will be brighter as the instructions state.

That being said there were some issues. The biggest one being that the pink LED that goes in the purple flower would not stay attached to the green brick. Lightailing sent me out another kit but the replacement kit had the same issue. I ended up having to sand the stud down then super glued the LED to the piece using Super Gold to prevent fogging. It's not a big deal since replacement green pieces are easy to find and not expensive if I ever want to remove the LEDs but it's something worth mentioning since it requires glue and sanding.

The red LED for the red flower also had a similar issue but I was able to correct that by sanding down the green stud that it attached to. After a little bit of sanding it popped on snug but still this was another modification. At least this one didn't require gluing.

I also wish that they included more wire control tubing after the shrink wrap. The sliding tube for wire control is a great idea but it feels way too small for the amount of wire hanging out. Using 3 tubes instead of one would really help with wire management.

I think it might just be an issue with the green 1x1 studs that Lego uses since all the other LEDs went on fine. Still I had to take one star off due to the modifications and gluing. I think that the gluing issue can be resolved by using a square 1x1 instead of round 1x1 for the purple flower since the red square LED did snap on with minimal sanding.

Even with these issues I'd recommend the kit if you're looking for a challenge that results in a very pleasant outcome. Lightailing support was also great and did send me a replacement kit very quickly when I ran into issues.

Bernard Hughes
Lego flower lights

Nice set easy to use
Great purchase thanks

As good as the picture

I just finished this and it looks awesome. Vibrant, bright colors. This was my first set of Legos (and lights) since I was a kid. Super fun! The video instructions helped in some hard to understand parts.

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