5 Best new Arrival light kit for the Ideas set

With five new additions to the Lego Ideas series, the music enthusiasts, binge-watchers of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, science geeks and creative people can enjoy Lego building like never before. No matter how skilled you are in electrics, the lighting kits from Briksmax and Lightailing can be set up easily.

Lego Piano

There is something for everyone in the Lego Ideas series and the same is applicable for the LED lighting kits from Lightailing and Briksmax. Designed as age-appropriate for anyone above six, the lights and accessories will make your Lego structures decorated regardless of whether it is daytime or night. So, while you are wondering which one(s) to check out from the Ideas segment, here are five popular models that you can lighten up –   

Light Kit For Grand Piano 21323

The Lego light for 21323 will brighten up the removable keyboard with 25 keys, the moving dampers, motor and the soundbox. The remote control helps you to change the lights and adjust the glow. There are 8 RGB strip lights with solid colors along with four 30cm, two 15cm and nine 10cm LEDs of warm white tone. Also included are expansion boards (two 6-port, one 12-port), CR2025 remote, RGB cables (six 1.6cm and two 15cm) and connecting wires measuring 5cm, 15cm, 30cm and 50cm.

Light Kit For Tree House 21318

Lego Tree House

The light kit for Lego Ideas 21318 includes thirty-five LEDs for the kid’s room, bedroom and bathroom and a color-changing light string to decorate the changing colors of the leaves in the fall and summer seasons. Five 30cm LEDs each of red, green, blue and pink color are there along with five white and three warm white strip lights, one 30cm and three 15cm LEDs of warm white tone and three 15cm white LEDs.  Multifunctional board, 28 Lego pieces, three 12-port expansion boards and two 5cm, one 15cm and eight 30cm connecting wires are also included.  

Light Kit For the Pirates of Barracuda Bay 21322

Lego Pirates set light kit

The 21322 Lego set light kit will brighten up the Shipwreck Island with its hidden treasure, captain’s cabin, bedrooms, kitchen, tavern, supply deck, food storage, toilet, farm and jail cell. With the F05-RGB remote and RGB receiving board, you will get six standard 30cm, a large 30cm and five 15cm warm white LEDs, seven 30cm and four 15cm dot lights of ice-blue tone, six adhesive RGB lights strips and a 30cm green LED.

Light Kit For Friends Central Perk 21319

Lego Friends centeral park set light

The sixteen Lego LED lights for the interior and façade of the Central Perk include three 15cm white LEDs, a 15cm yellow light, three 30cm and three 15cm warm white lights, two warm white light strips and two 15cm colored slow-flashing LEDs. The light kit also comes with five custom Lego pieces, 6-port and 8-port expansion boards and one 5cm and three 30cm connecting wires.

Light Kit For International Space Station 21321

Lego International Space station

From the solar panels with adjustable height to the detailed centerpiece, the display stand to the adjustable Canadarm2 and 2 rotating stands, the light kit for 21321 will highlight them all. With three Lego pieces, you will get a green and a red 30cm slow-flashing LEDs, a white 10cm LED and two 15cm, five standard-sized, four small and two large 30cm warm white LEDs.

The lighting kits feature universal instruction manuals with illustrations for each step and user guides for latter installation procedures. You get 2 years of manufacturer warranty and seven-day replacement policy in case of any manufacturing fault.  

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