A Rewarding Build and Play Experience with this lighting Lego Technic Container Yard set 42062

The kid-friendly Lego Technic Container Yard 42062 set consisting of more than 600 Lego pieces is a two in one model that can be built and rebuilt into Container Loader and Container Straddle. Briksmax brings you the high-quality light kit including 12 LEDs and handmade accessories to keep your Lego structure under 24x7 limelight.

A highly detailed 2-in-1 Lego set, the Container Yard 42062 model from the Lego Technic series makes way for robust Lego building experience with 631 Lego pieces. Although suitable for kids aged between eight and fourteen, any adult Lego enthusiast would love to assemble the structure and also combine it with other Lego construction models for an extensive look. Be it the Container model or the Container Straddle Carrier and the truck –the two sets can simultaneously be built and lightened up with a premium-quality lighting kit from Briksmax.

What Makes The Container Yard 42062 Set So Special

Before adding Lego LED lights, make sure you are done assembling the Lego structure and got the required AA batteries for the light kit. Also, consider placing the brick separators properly so that the wires do not get damaged while you insert them.

You will get the authentic 40thAnniversary Lego Technic brick with the structure. Both the Container Loader and the Container Straddle can be assembled easily with the digital 3D interactive app namely Lego Building Instructions that is available online free of cost.

The light kit for Lego set  will highlight the Container Loader that has a height of nine inches, a length of eleven inches, and a width of three inches with the extended boom. With a retracted boom, it is three inches high and nine inches long.

The Container Straddle Carrier is nine inches in height, nine inches in width, and four inches in length when extended. When retracted, it is four inches wide and six inches high.

Highlighting The Container Yard 42062 Set With Light Kit

The Lego set light kit box contains the lights and accessories packed separately in respective plastic bags and those are further kept safe from damage with air-bubble protection. On opening the box, check whether all items are included and test each to ensure proper working condition.

Ten random colored Lego bricks are included for customization with the Lego set. An after-sale card is issued with a guarantee of two years from the delivery date. The universal instruction book with illustrated installation steps will help you in the step-by-step setup. The user guide is helpful for further installation.

The lights for Lego Container Yard 42062  include six red 15cm, two warm white 15cm, and four white 15cm LEDs. The lights will highlight the articulated truck that features opening doors, working steering, two loadable containers, and a detachable trailer, as well as, the container loader that features an extendable boom, working grabber, and working steering.

Keep the 15cm and 30cm connecting cables hidden from the outer look and pass them smoothly between the stubs. Insert batteries in the AA battery pack, set up the Adhesive Square, three 6-port expansion boards, and connect the USB Hub with the 30cm power cord.

If you find any accessory missing, broken or malfunctioning on delivery, return it within a week and get a replacement. You do not need any prior electrical knowledge to install the lights –just make sure that the main power remains below 5V so as to avoid any electrical burns.

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