An Adventures Lego Creator Expert Pirate Ship 31109

The Creator Expert three-in-one Pirate Ship 31109 set with over 1200 Lego pieces is a kid-friendly model that can be assembled and reassembled into Skull Island and Pirates’ Inn. With the warm white and yellow LEDs and handmade accessories from Lightailing, the three variants of the model will never be overshadowed or out of focus.

Not one but three different building experiences are guaranteed with the Pirate Ship 31109 set from the Lego Creator Expert series. With 1264 Lego pieces, this beginner-to-moderate level structure is suitable for any Lego enthusiast aged above nine years. Those who feel the wanderlust surging inside for a sea voyage or revel in the age-old pirate stories of swashbuckling adventures can make the best out of the set that ensures imaginative, realistic, and creative play opportunities with high-quality Lightailing light kit. It can be rebuilt into either a spooky Skull Island or the bustling Pirates’ Inn; you can combine two structures or recreate the structure into something out of your mind.     

Highlighting The Pirate Ship 31109 Set With LED Light Kit

The lights for Lego Pirate Ship 31109  are designed for anyone above six years old, but you should keep kids away to prevent choking hazards. Assemble the entire structure, rebuild or disassemble and when the final structure is complete, open the light kit so that no delicate part ends up being tampered and no small part goes missing or mixed up.

Just like the light kit, with the Lego set, you will get an instruction book to help you in assembling each of the three structures. There are three Minifigures that you can place anywhere for role-playing and buildable figures like the parrot and the shark for creating different scenarios.

With universal language and illustrations, the instruction manual of the light kit tells you how to light Lego Pirate Ship, while the user guide guides you through the future installation. The after-sale warranty card is valid for two years from its delivery date.

You will not get any battery in the light kit and therefore, three AA batteries are to be bought separately. For easy insertion of the cables, set up the brick separators beforehand so that the wires remain hidden between the stubs without being tampered and exposed to the exterior look. 

You can light up Lego Pirate Ship that features moving cannons, moving sails and the cabin that has opening sides and roof. While the warm white LEDs highlight the sails, the yellow LEDs lighten up the cabin and the cannons.

Insert the batteries in the AA battery holder and connect the 30cm power cable with the USB hub. The main power should be below 5V so that there is no risk of electric burn.

The Lego Pirate Ship 31109 light kit contains expansion boards that are to be set up with the help of the manual. You don’t need prior electrical skills to prepare the other accessories like the Adhesive Squares.  

The light kit box has separate plastic packets wrapped with air-bubble films to protect the light accessories safe. Test each accessory to ensure that all items are included, there is no defect and they work properly. In case you find any discrepancy, return it for replacement within a week.

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