An Adventures Space Ride with Lighting Space Shuttle Explorer 31066

Every child in his or her childhood wants to become an astronomer. Space would always be the source of attraction for both kids and adults alike. For such reasons, LEGO has released the space shuttle explorer based on the distinctive features of the earth orbiter. For increasing the realistic features of the space shuttle, the user would have to install a custom light kit for LEGO sets.

After the installation of the lighting kit, the space ship would be gain a new life, and it would be similar to the real space shuttle. This LEGO set has a total of three structures that would allow your kids to become a space explorer. The total numbers of LEGO pieces that are needed to make this structure would be 285. During the night, this lightning kit would bright up Space Shuttle Explorer 31066 in a most amazing manner.

light kit for Space Shuttle Explorer 31066

It powerful lights would illuminate every brick, thus providing with a beautiful night view of the shuttle. Here are some special features of the set that would enable your kid to enjoy an adventurous space ride.

Light up the shuttle

Installing the lighting kit would bring out its special features of the shuttle by blowing life into the set. Lights and cables of this kit made up of high-quality materials that would be enough for lighting Space Shuttle Explorer 31066 LEGO set. The light and cables of these kits are small, which could be placed among the gaps and underneath space of LEGO bricks. The user would be able to mount the light without affecting the outer look shuttle.

light kit for Space Shuttle Explorer 31066

This LEGO light would enable you to power up several lighting kits from a single power source. This would help you if you are planning for a large scale display of LEGO set. Even the process of installing the lightening kit is very easy. Just by plugging in the power source, you would be able to light up LEGO sets.

Minifigure of the set

This set would provide you with a single astronaut Minifigure for piloting the shuttle. This miniature would represent your kid in the adventure story in the space. The dress for the astronaut consists of the standard space suit and white helmet. There are two faces on the miniature, the first one would be the neutral expression and the other one would be the frightened expression.

Additional rovers of the shuttle

Space Shuttle Explorer 31066 set light kit

Other than the space shuttle, there is a space rover for exploring the surface of the imaginary moon. The vehicles are over 13 cm and have six large wheels that would roll over the various rough terrain of the moon. In addition to the rover, your kid would be able to create an immediate base on the lunar or martial surface after disassembling the space shuttle.

Thus, we can say that the unique features of the shuttle would challenge and test your kid’s creative and imaginative skills. With the addition of the lights to the LEGO set, your child would be able to add more variation to his or her stories. Therefore, if your child is a space fanatic then LEGO Space Shuttle would give him the ultimate joy of space riding.


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