An Inspiring Display: Lego Architecture The White House 21054

A replica of one of the most renowned residential complexes in the world, The White House 21054 set with more than 1400 Lego pieces speak on behalf of the rich architecture, history, and travel heritage of the country. 23 premium LED lights and high-quality lighting accessories from Lightailing and Briksmax give the structure a perfect night vista.

 The White House on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is not only famous in Washington DC as the official workplace and residence of the president of the USA, but also all over the world. Marking the days of George Washington, the Lego Architecture series brings you The White House 21054 model consisting of 1483 Lego pieces. An expert-level model suitable for enthusiasts aged above eighteen years, it lets you take a down memory lane walk to the golden days in 1800. No matter whether you have visited this architectural digest or have always dreamt of visiting someday, this detailed and realistic model will ensure a Lego-inspired virtual trip. Make the Lego building experience better with the handmade lighting kit from Briksmax or Lightailing that can be installed by experts and laymen alike.

Trivia Of The White House 21054 Set

The lights for Lego  will brighten up the structure that stands four inches high, seven inches deep, and eighteen inches wide. As the small and delicate Light accessories and Lego bricks can get mingled up, lost, or cause choking hazards, you should complete assembling the structure before opening the light kit.

Besides the instruction manual, the Lego set comes with the coffee table booklet written in the English language telling about the history of the White House.

The Lego LED lights will highlight the neoclassical columns leading to the Executive Residence of the President, the East Wing and the West Wing connected by colonnades, the surrounding fountain, the Jacqueline Kennedy Garden and the Rose Garden.

For a closer look at the architectural details, the Lego model can easily be disassembled into three sections. The baseplate has ‘The White House’ inscribed by Lego bricks.

Highlighting The White House 21054 With Light Kit

Designed for any 6+ years old Lego builder, the light kit for Lego Architecture comes packed inside a hardcover box. Each lighting accessory is packed respectively in plastic packets protected by bubble sheets. Before the final installation, you should test each accessory.

Eleven random colored Lego pieces are there for you to customize with the Lego model. The illustrated universal instruction manual will take you through all the installation steps and you can use the user guide for further installation help. An after-sale card bearing 2-years of manufacturer warranty is included.

The lights for Lego White House 21054 include four small and four standard-sized strip lights, seven 15cm and eight 10cm LEDs of warm white tone. There are five 15cm and six 5cm connecting cables that you can pass between the stubs comfortably to keep them hidden.

You have to set up one 12-port and three 6-port expansion boards, place two Adhesive Squares, connect the 30cm power cable with USB hub, and insert three batteries in the AA battery box.

Arrange the batteries and set up the brick separators before starting a light kit installation. In case of any missing, damaged or malfunctioning light accessory, you can ask for a replacement by returning the kit within one week.

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