An Interactive Nostalgic Memories Lego Build Nintendo Entertainment System 71374

1980s kids and teens can take a down memory lane ride with the Lego Super Mario Nintendo Entertainment System 71374 set made up of over 2600 Lego pieces. With thirteen high-quality LED lights and handmade lighting accessories, you can make the best out of the structure in darkness so that it never remains overshadowed.

Light kit for Nintendo Entertainment System 71374

The 3rd generation 8-bit video gaming console named Nintendo Entertainment System or NES was introduced to the Japanese market for the home-based Famicom during 1983. With so much popularity gained over the Family Computer platform, it was remodeled and released internationally for enthusiastic gamers. The Lego Nintendo Entertainment System 71374 pays a tribute to that nostalgia while letting you reminisce on the Super Mario gaming frenzy. This exclusive and expert-level model from the Super Mario series comprises 2646 pieces and is age-appropriate for anyone above 18. In 1685, Nintendo released the Super Mario Bros game series featuring their mascot Mario and that is depicted through the model. Regardless of your electrical knowledge, the Briksmax lighting kit will let you install the lights easily and brighten up the model 24x7.       

Specialties Of Nintendo Entertainment System 71374 Set

Light kit for Nintendo Entertainment System 71374

Before lighting Lego 71374  you should finish assembling the structure and get three AA batteries as the light kit does not contain one. The model recreates the authentic console, Game Pak Cartridge, controller and the retro-styled television from 1980s to let you relive childhood.

The illustrated booklet and instructions will help in assembling. Combine the Mario Minifigure for the Super Mario Adventures with 71360 Mario Starter Course for activating the interactive features of the TV. Watch Mario react to on-screen enemies, power-ups and obstacles while the theme tone of the original game is playing.

Light kit for Nintendo Entertainment System71374

Use the Lego lights to highlight the TV standing above eight inches in height, six inches in depth and nine inches in width. The NES features lockable opening slot for Game Pak and controller with plug and connecting cable. The TV features 8-bit flat Mario figure on handle-operated scrolling screen and action brick for scanning the Mario figure on top slot.  

Highlighting Nintendo Entertainment System 71374 With Light Kit

Light kit for Nintendo Entertainment System 71374

You should test each light for Lego and the accessories once you bring them out from the plastic packets wrapped with air-bubble sheets. The light kit is suitable for anyone above six years old and has a manufacturing warranty of two years.

There are two random colored Lego plates with a black rope and an Adhesive Square. You should follow the illustrated steps on the universal instruction book and keep the user guide for future help.

Light kit for Nintendo Entertainment System71374

Prepare the brick separator to pass one 15cm, one 30cm and nine 5cm connecting wires smoothly without harm. Light up Lego  with one blue and eight ice-blue small strip lights, one 30cm large ice-blue LED, one 10cm and one 15cm red LEDs and a 15cm blue LED.

Set up the Touch Switch and three 6-port expansion boards. Insert batteries in the AA battery box and the CR2032 Oval battery holder before connecting the two 30cm power cables for the USB hub.

If you notice any missing part or damaged accessory, get it replaced by returning the kit with a week of delivery. The power should be less than 5V to prevent electrical accidents.

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