Awesome Creative Play: The Lighthouse of Darkness 70431 Set

With over five hundred Lego pieces, The Lighthouse of Darkness 70431 set is a beginner-level model that lets you combine physical and digital play opportunities with AR experience. Briksmax lighting kit with seven high-quality LED lights and accessories will keep the structure under the limelight regardless of whether it is day or night.

Light Kit For The Lighthouse of Darkness 70431

 If you are into Augmented Reality games, the Hidden Side will enchant you with its setup of the fictional haunted Newbury town full of ghosts lurking in buildings and scaring off people. In association with this AR game, the Lego Hidden Side series has come up with The Lighthouse of Darkness 70431 model while its digital play is regularly updated with new events, contents, challenges and ghosts for an enhanced experience. You can enjoy both single and multiplayer gaming with the app that interacts with the model to trigger digital world scenarios. Once you are done with the Lego building open the Briksmax lighting kit box that contains handmade lights and accessories packed separately in plastic packets with air-bubble sheets.      

Specialties Of The Lighthouse of Darkness 70431 Set

Light Kit For The Lighthouse of Darkness 70431

Each light for Lego 70431 along with accessories needs to be tested properly before the installation. There is a 2-year warranty on the light kit issued by the after-sales card.

Made up of 540 Lego pieces, the set is suitable for anyone above eight and stands above eleven inches in height with a width of eight inches and a depth of seven inches.

The AR app of Hidden Side is compatible with most Android and iOS devices while kids need to take permission from guardians before installing it on mobile devices.

Light Kit For The Lighthouse of Darkness 70431

There is an easy-to-follow instruction manual to help with the Lego building process just as you get for lighting Lego.

The smart device reveals the digital world when you see through the app and you can defeat Joe Ishmael, the Boss Ghost, hunt other ghosts and solve mysteries.

Role-playing is fun with the five Minifigures of Jennie Napo, Claus Stormward, Skeleton, Parker and Jack. The lighthouse features a jetty, cliff, rocks and the Jet Ski.  

Highlighting The Lighthouse of Darkness 70431 With Light Kit

Light Kit For The Lighthouse of Darkness 70431

No matter what your experience is with electrics, the Lego Hidden Side set light kit designed for any 6+ years old Lego builder is easy to install. As the set comes without batteries, you should get AA batteries for the battery box.

The helicopter with opening door and rotating blades, six stud shooters, belly hook, storage chest space, dual searchlights, a cage with frame to carry on helicopter cable and folding sides, spare tire and the quad bike can be highlighted with LED for Lego.

You will get one ice-blue, one green, one blue and one red small strip lights, one 15cm red LED, two ice-blue 30cm dot lights and three warm white 30cm LEDs. Two 15cm and two 30cm connecting wires are there to pass between the stubs with a brick separator. 

Light Kit For The Lighthouse of Darkness 70431

Know how to light up Lego set from the universal instruction book with illustrations, use the user guide for future installation, attach the 30cm USB cable and set up the Adhesive Square and 12-port expansion board.

If you notice any manufacturing issue like missing parts, broken or damaged part on opening the kit or find any part malfunctioning within a week of delivery, get it replaced by returning within 7 days.

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