LEGO Spring Lantern Festival

New Year is almost here, and Chinese New Year is not far behind it on February 1st, 2022. So now feels like the perfect time to get to grips with some of the amazing sets you really don't want to miss as we leave 2021 behind.

LEGO New Year celebrations are already in full swing, so get prepared by picking up some amazing LEGO Chinese New Year sets and some of the best sets of 2021, so you can see in the New Year with a renewed spring in your step thanks to your growing LEGO collection. Ready to check out our must-have sets for New Year 2022? Then dive right in!

8. LEGO Ideas Home Alone (21330)

We'll start with a new release: LEGO's Home Alone set. This is the perfect way to enter 2022, with a classic Home Alone set that'll take you through Christmas and well into the New Year. LEGO holiday sets are not just for Christmas, and this one is fun to play and display all year round.

The interactive booby traps, the attention to detail of the house, the fun minifigures - this set has it all! Its 3955 pieces will take a while to build too, so you might even be busy until New Year!

add led lights to lego home alone

7. LEGO Batmobile Tumbler (76240)

Another new release, LEGO's Batmobile Tumbler, is the perfect LEGO gift for a Batman fan as we head into 2022. It's one of the most detailed sets you can buy, and it stays faithful to The Dark Knight Trilogy with all the authentic details you could wish for!

It might not be an obvious choice for New Year, but we had to include it now because a set like this doesn't deserve to be left behind in 2021 as we tick over into 2022. Every one of the 2049 pieces is thought out, and a genuine joy to place.

6. LEGO Titanic (10294)

So hot off the press this isn't even out at the time of writing this; the LEGO Titanic is set to be one of LEGO's biggest and most successful sets yet! There's something about that ship of dreams that just keeps people coming back for more!

And LEGO has taken something instantly recognizable, and lovingly recreated it so every one of us has the pleasure of doing it for ourselves at home. The 9090 piece set is not for the faint-hearted, but any true LEGO fan will want to see this set on display by New Year, guaranteed.

5. LEGO Story of Nian (80106)

LEGO Chinese New Year sets are also new for 2021, and are the perfect gift for anybody celebrating the festival when it eventually gets here on February 1st, 2022. Even if you don't celebrate, this is a LEGO festival set everyone should own for 2022, because it's so relevant.

The Story of Nian is a Chinese New Year legend, and if you're unfamiliar with the story, then this set can be a great starting point to help you learn more. LEGO is at its best when it opens people's minds to fresh stories and cultures, and all 1067 pieces of this set do exactly that!

4. LEGO Stranger Things The Upside Down (75810)

Stranger Things is HUGE, year after year, but if the rumored 2022 release date for Season 4 turns out to be true, then this is going to be more relevant than ever as we enter the New Year. But be warned, The Upside Down set won't be around forever, so move fast if you want it for 2022!

With 8 minifigures (including a Demogorgon), a playable set that allows you to flip seamlessly between the real world and the Upside Down, and little details that add up to an excellent role playing set, this 2287 piece set is going to be huge, if not in bricks, then certainly in hype!

3. LEGO Lucky Cat (40436)

Back to LEGO Chinese festival sets now, this LEGO Lucky Cat BrickHeadz set is genuinely perfect as a gift for anybody as we move to 2022. After all, couldn't we all use an extra dose of luck, especially when we're facing down the new year ahead?

It's a stylized LEGO version of the traditional Chinese Lucky Cat, so it's instantly recognizable and a great way to say 'Happy New Year' to anybody celebrating on January 1st or February 1st. It's only 134 pieces too, so it's great for kids!

2. LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2021 (75307)

We couldn't talk about New Year gifts without at least touching on the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar. Yes, we know, it's more Christmas-y than New Year-y, but we couldn't resist. Besides, all the cool contents will be with you for 2022 as even more LEGO Star Wars sets release, right?

Whether it belongs here doesn't really matter, because ultimately this is a new release set that shouldn't be left behind in 2021 regardless, so it deserves to be highlighted. There are 335 blocks in total, all inspired by Mandalorian Season 2 and every LEGO Star Wars fan will love this for 2022.

1. LEGO Spring Lantern Festival (80107)

LEGO set 80107 is a richly detailed set highlighting the Spring Lantern Festival that coincides with Lunar New Year celebrations. It's the perfect way to celebrate the Year of the Ox and includes 8 minifigures with accessories and incredible details of a traditional Asian garden.

This set features traditional buildable lanterns, frog and koi fish figures, a stunning pavilion, and a special Ox light up brick, too. This is the perfect 1793 piece set for children and adults alike, and works great as a gift for anyone this Chinese New Year!

 LEGO Spring Lantern Festival

A festival involving lights, you say?

All this talk about LEGO Chinese festival sets has got us pretty excited. An entire festival with lights like the Spring Lantern Festival? That sounds right up our street! And if it sounds like something you'd enjoy too, then maybe you'd like to check out our store? We sell LEGO lighting kits that'll take the sets featured on this list to another level!

LEGO and lighting go together, and the latest LEGO Chineses festival sets prove that now more than ever! So, once you've picked up the sets, check out our lighting kits to make them even more magical!

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