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Fish and chips. Peanut butter and jelly. Milk and cookies. These are all classic combinations that we couldn't imagine ourselves living without. Well, LEGO meet Avengers!

What do you get when you cross the ultimate brick building company with one of the largest superhero franchises of all time? A lot of fun, that's what! So today we'll be taking you through our top 7 best LEGO Avengers sets that you should pick up as soon as you can. If you love LEGO and/or Avengers, then these 7 sets are perfect for you!

1. LEGO Ultimate Quinjet (76126)

If you're looking for the best Marvel LEGO sets 2022, start here. Anybody who knows anything about the Avengers knows the Quinjet is an essential weapon in their fight against Thanos and his minions. This 840 piece set includes 6 mini figures (Hawkeye, Black Widow, Rocket, Thor, and two villains) and both the jet and the quad bike to go with it!

You can recreate endless fight scenes with this set, and if that wasn't enough, you can also get a LEGO lighting kit for this one. That's right, not only can you have the best time fighting alongside the Avengers, but you can literally make the whole thing light up too! And that's why this set sits at the top of our list.

2. LEGO Attack On Avengers Tower (76038)

If you're going to pick up some Avengers LEGO kits, then you're going to need a base for them, right? Well, this Attack On Avengers Tower kit provides you with that. Yes, you'll need to defend it from Ultron with the help of Thor and Iron Man, but it's a small price to pay for your very own Avengers tower!

This is a 504 piece set, so it shouldn't take you too long to build, but even with that small number of bricks, the resulting tower is an impressive size. You can then use the set to create epic battles, or simply put your Avengers tower on display - seriously, it looks that good!

3. LEGO War Machine Buster (76124)

Ask any Avengers superfan who the most underrated or overlooked Avengers are, and we bet War Machine and Ant Man are pretty high on that list. Thankfully, LEGO has given these two superheroes the spotlight they deserve, because this LEGO set has them both facing off against a giant enemy and two Outriders in an epic battle!

The 362 piece set means you can grab it out of the box and jump straight into the action! The reason this is so much higher than other instantly recognizable battles on this list is because you can get a lighting kit for this set that makes it look even better, which is something we would definitely recommend to add a little more atmosphere to this already amazing scene.

4. LEGO The Shield Helicarrier (76042)

As an Avengers fan, and indeed just a LEGO fan in general, you probably think we're insane for including this LEGO set so far down - but trust us, it's still one of the very best ones around! With 2996 pieces, an abundance of mini and microfigures, 2 runways, an entire Shield helicarrier, and fighter jets to boot, this really has it all!

You can expect to see all your favorites, from Nick Fury, Black Widow and Hawkeye, all the way through to Captain America and Maria Hill! This set has everything, and it probably should be closer to the top of this list, but with so many awesome options available from LEGO Avengers, we were never going to get this list perfect!

5. LEGO Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown (76108)

Another set with an awesome LEGO lighting kit readily available is this Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown. It allows you to create that unforgettable scene in New York with Spiderman (in his Iron Spider suit), Doctor Strange, and Iron Man as they face off against Thanos' right hands Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian.

With 1004 pieces, you can expect every detail to be perfect, including an amazing replica of Peter Parker's apartment! We love this set so much because it houses so many amazing details that really make the scene come alive. Trust us, this is one you want if you're a fan of the Avengers.

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6. LEGO Iron Man Hall Of Armour (76125)

One of the best superhero LEGO sets of all time has to be this one, simply because it captures the scene where all of this really began. Had Tony Stark not worked his behind off trying to find the ultimate Iron Man suit, then the Avengers may never have been formed, and they certainly wouldn't have lasted as long as they have. If you want to take your LEGO Avengers story back to where it all began, there's no better place than here.

This set has 524 pieces, and whilst there are some Outriders included for dramatic effect, we really feel this one, out of all of them, is a display piece. The lighting kit available for this set is unbelievable, and it lights up the Hall Of Armour in such an impressive way that we think you won't even want to reach for the minifigures - you'll be too busy staring at how amazing it looks!

7. LEGO Thanos: Ultimate Battle (76107)

We've taken you everywhere. Where it began, some places in between, and now we're going to finish on where it all ends: the Ultimate Battle with Thanos. This 674 piece set is amazing. It includes Thanos, Gamora, Star Lord and Iron Man, and that's not even mentioning the impressive space ship too!

This fight scene really captures the struggles of the Avengers as they try to defeat the undefeatable, so we really think any LEGO Avengers fan should add this to their collection. It's a lot of fun to build, and even more fun to play with!

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It was hard putting this list together. There were so many amazing options available that we could have written this list ten times over and had a different top 7 every time. But the 7 we have put forward to you today really captures what the Avengers, and what LEGO, is all about to us: amazing stories, epic scenes, and a lot of fun!

Remember to check out the lighting kits for those we have pointed out specifically on our website, but you might also find lighting kits for some of the LEGO avengers sets you already have over there too. We think LEGO lighting kits take the best Avengers LEGO kits and make them even better, so consider looking around for some on our website today!

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