Classical Style Race with Lego Lighting Ford Mustang Fastback 75884 Set

Let your kids assemble over a hundred pieces of the Lego Speed Champions Ford Mustang Fastback 75884 to add a vintage charm to this race car. Lightailing never lets your structure be overshadowed especially when it is dark as it offers the handmade accessories and high-quality LED lights that are easy to install.

Lego light kit

Car racing enthusiasts and those who have an interest in vintage muscle cars would be familiar with the deep green Ford Mustang Fastback car. If your interest in automobile and Lego building is equal, the Lego Ford Mustang Fastback 75884 set from the Speed Champions series can be a spectacular option. With only 183 Lego pieces to assemble, this is a beginner-level set and the kid-friendly feature makes it suitable for anyone aged between seven and fourteen years. However, older Lego enthusiasts can add this classic American car model in their Lego Technic or other Speed Champions sets. When night comes or the room gets dark, you can brighten the model up with the premium lighting kit from Lightailing.

Highlighting Ford Mustang Fastback 75884 With Light Kit

No matter what your skill in electrics is, the light kit for Lego Ford Mustang Fastback 75884 set  suitable for anyone above six years old. Both the Lego pieces and the lighting accessories are small and delicate, thereby have a high risk of choking hazard if not careful.

You should always finish assembling the Lego set first so that the lighting accessories do not get mixed up or broken. No battery will be included in the light kit –you should purchase three AA batteries separately.

The 75884 Lego lights will highlight the Ford Mustang Fastback that stands one inch in height with a length of five inches and a width of two inches. There is a classic Minifigure of the Ford racing driver with its helmet.

You can play out various racing scenarios by assembling the “timing” board that stands two inches in height with a width of one inch and a depth below one inch. It features stickers of the Ford logo and digital display.

The Lego Technic set light kit includes white LEDs for headlights, red LEDs for taillights, and warm white LEDs for the interior to the car featuring the Minifigure cockpit and the removable windshield that can be lifted to place the driver inside the car.

The race-ready car also comes with transparent styled light elements, racing graphics stickers, authentic racing colors, and stunning design details such as golden rims rubber tires for the wheels.

To check whether all the items are included in the box and whether they are in a proper state and working smoothly, you should test each accessory. Keep the brick separator handy to insert and conceal the connecting cables easily between the Lego stubs without damage.

The Lego set light kit  also comes with a universal instruction book with illustrations for each installation step and a user guide book that will help in the latter stages of installation. It will give you an idea of setting up the Expansion boards, Adhesive Squares, USB hub, and the battery box.   

 Although any damage to the light kit is unlikely with the separate packing in plastic packets and bubble wraps inside the box, if you notice any unfortunate defect, there is an easy 1-week return and replacement policy. There is also the after-sale manufacturer warranty card in the light kit, valid for two years from the purchase.

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