Creativity Developing Lego Creator 3 in 1 Townhouse Toy Store 31105

From toy store to cake shop to a flower shop, you can assemble over 500 pieces of the Lego Townhouse Toy Store 31105. Once you are done assembling the pieces, check out the premium lighting kit from Briksmax that includes four LEDs and handmade lighting accessories.

 How would you feel if you can create three different structures from a Lego set, where each structure brings different features? Well, with the Townhouse Toy Store 31105 set from the Lego Creator 3-in-1 series, you can build and rebuild three different structures namely the two-storied Townhouse, the cake shop with seating area and the flower shop. With only 554 pieces to assemble, this beginner set is suitable for anyone above eight years old while its lighting kit provided by Briksmax is age-appropriate for 6+ years old enthusiasts. This detailed and realistic model makes way for creativity in terms of light installation and Lego building.

Knowing About The Townhouse Toy Store 31105 Set

The Creator set lights  will lighten up the Townhouse that is seven inches in height, five inches in width and three inches in-depth, or the use the lights for the two other structures when you rebuild.

There are two Minifigures of a boy and a girl along with a bird figure. The toy store of the Townhouse comes with an apartment upstairs while the flower shop features a skylight and the cake shop has an outdoor seating area. You can customize the three buildings according to your wish.

The light kit for Lego  will highlight the apartment interiors and façade and the cute toy shop with different accessories and the rocket ride. The lights will brighten up the delicious-looking cakes in the cake shop along with the al-fresco seating area. Place the bird figure in the flower shop while the lights highlight the flowers and the sparkling skylight.  

Highlighting The Townhouse Toy Store 31105 With Light Kit

Keep the AA batteries handy before setting up the battery pack and the brick separators in place to avoid forcible insertion of light cables. The light kit for Townhouse Toy Store 31105  comes in a sturdy box inside which you will find respective accessories packed inside plastic packets with air-bubble protection.

Use the two random colored Lego bricks for customization or as substitute for other Lego pieces. No matter whether you know about electrics or not, the universal instruction book will help in the installation of the lights while the user guide will be helpful in the future installation.

The Lego LED lights  to consist of one 15cm LED and one small strip light of a warm white tone along with one 10cm LED and one strip light of white glow. The 5cm and 15cm connecting wires are to be passed through the stubs so that the outer look is ruined.

Prepare the transparent label, Adhesive Square, the 30cm USB cable for the hub, and the battery pack with three batteries. You can adjust the flash of the lights with the RGB remote control receiving board.

While testing the light accessories, if you find any item missing or malfunctioning or defective, make sure you send it within a week from the delivery date. If such issues persist in the following two years, use the after-sale card as manufacturer guarantee.    

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