Creator Harley Motorcycle 10269 Set: An Inspiration for Adventure Ride

Lego models have been capturing the imagination of children and adult enthusiasts alike for the last 50 years. The company from Denmark is at the forefront of manufacturing plastic brick play-sets and has been offering breathtaking designs for its numerous customers worldwide. Lego designers draw inspiration from a variety of stories, themes, movies, legends, and original vehicles and re-produce them in intricate details while maintaining the distinct Lego look. One such excellent example of real-life model re-creation is the Lego Harley Motorcycle 10269 set released in 2019.

Light Kit For Harley Motorcycle 10269

Key Features of Harley Motorcycle 10269 set

This excellent Lego creation is part of the well-liked Creator series under which many iconic models have been released since 2001. The products in this series of play-sets focus mainly on re-creating creatures, buildings or vehicles in minute details rather than offering playability.

The package contains 1023 parts and is built in association with the world-famous Harley Davidson Company. The original motorbike model inspiration is the Harley Davidson Fatboy which has become the symbol of American motorbike touring and adventuring culture. There are seven numbered bags in the package with a 156-page instruction manual containing information about the iconic Fatboy motorbike along with assembly guidelines.

Light Kit For Harley Motorcycle 10269

The assembly of the set starts with the chassis and goes on to integrate four different structures together. The color combinations look superb too, with black, white and red being the primarily used ones with dashes of bluish-grey, yellow and other colors to create a striking overall look which is poised for further enhancement by installing add-ons like LED light kit For Harley Motorcycle.

The completed design looks quite like a miniature version of the original motorbike with a consistent length of 33 centimeters conforming to the dimensions of other sets in the Creator Expert series. It thus looks properly proportional when placed among the collection of similar Lego models while easily maintaining its individuality with distinct looks, details and color scheme.

Start your Adventure Ride with Harley Motorcycle 10269 set

Light Kit For Harley Motorcycle 10269

Once the immensely enjoyable assembly process is complete, this latest Harley Davidson Fatboy model by Lego looks simply awesome. It can be further turned into a proper showpiece if you decide to bright up Harley Motorcycle 10269 Lego design with strategically-placed LED lights. These light kits are professionally constructed by electronic experts who are Lego collectors themselves and understand the design in its minute details. The LED lights and wires are made to integrate wholly within the main Lego structure so that no loose ends are visible.

Light Kit For Harley Motorcycle 10269

The overall lighting scheme conforms to the original Fatboy design and beautifully brings out the intricate details of the assembled model. The blue, yellow and red LED lights to brighten up the model spectacularly and it looks especially breathtaking during evening and nights when natural light lessens. These LED Lego night lights, as they are often also called, are custom-made to transform the Harley Davidson 10269 model into a spectacular display piece.

So, go ahead and have loads of fun while assembling the iconic Harley Davidson lookalike model and add the custom-made Led light kit and marvel at the beautifully illuminated result!



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