Discover The Thrills And Surprises With This Stunning Lego Haunted House 10273

The Lego Creator Expert Haunted House 10273 comprising 3231 Lego pieces lets you recreate a mansion with ancient relics of legendary Lego models. With 31 high-quality lights and premium accessories, Briksmax makes sure that your set is always lightened up no matter whether it is day or night.

Light Kit For Haunted House 10273

Do spooky haunted mansions tingle your senses? Well, the thrilling theme park ride of Manor von Barron, which once housed the most terrifying villains of all time, will be apt for you as you take a nostalgic ride through the stolen treasures from around the world, ancient artifacts, rare bricks and chilly ambience. The Haunted House 10273 model from the Lego Creator Expert series is a throwback to the classic adventure sets from Lego. With 3231 Lego pieces, this intricate set is designed for anyone over eighteen years old. The haunted action takes a new turn once you add the lighting kit of Briksmax that can be set up no matter what your skill in electrics is.        

Specialties Of Haunted House 10273 Set

Light Kit For Haunted House 10273

The Lego light kit contains delicate lights and small accessories that can get damaged if you are not careful while handling. While keeping those safe from infants due to choking hazard risks, you should get the necessary AA batteries for the lights as the kit does not include any.

The haunted manor can be opened up to reveal the separate sections and when fully built, it stands above 26.5 inches in height, nine inches in depth and nine inches in width.

Light Kit For Haunted House 10273

Just like Lego Hidden Side light, this model combines digital and physical play where you can adjust the motion and lights via your Smartphone Powered Up app and adjust the Madman’s elevator with separately bought accessories like the battery for light brick, 2 x 88009 and 1 x 88009 to feel the terror.

There is a ride with a free-fall feature, closing front doors for a spooky effect and automatic doors on the top of manor tower. The cursed glowing Von Barron painting containing a mysterious ruby that was stolen from Pharaoh Hotep glistens when you shine light at it.

Light Kit For Haunted House 10273

With the Lego light kit for 10273, you can highlight the mysterious face of Sphinx that is the centerpiece of collection of Von Barron, the prototype Orb of Ogel made for the stolen super-weapon for mind control and the spooky idol of Mount Everest collected from a temple.     

Highlighting Haunted House 10273 With Lighting Kit  

The LED for Lego and its accessories can be installed by any 6+ years old enthusiast by following the two universal instruction manuals with illustrations just as you get the coffee-table manual for Lego building. The kit has a 2-year warranty guaranteed by an after-sales card.

Customize with seven randomized Lego plates and set up a brick separator for easy insertion of one 50cm, seven 30cm, six 15cm and three 5cm connecting cables. 

Light Kit For Haunted House 10273

One solid color projection lamp light for Lego Haunted House along with one small and two standardred, one small and three standard blue and two green light strips, ten small warm white 30cm, two 10cm and two 15cm yellow, two 30cm and three 15cm red and two 15cm green LEDs are there.

You will get two Adhesive Squares, one remote control for adjusting the glow, a receiver board, two flashing module boards, an AA battery holder and a 30cm USB cable.

Always add lights after fully assembling the model and make sure that all parts are present in the kit on opening. There is a 1-week return-and-replacement window for the kit.

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