Exclusive Lego Architecture Build Set: Empire State Building 21046

Create the replica of the sky-scrapping Empire State Building with the Lego set that stands 55cm tall with innovative curtail wall and antenna tower. For layman and expert in electrics alike, the Briksmax lighting kit will help to create a marvelous illuminating night view of the New York skyline.

As the centerpiece of New York City, the Empire State Building with 443m height dominates the skyline flanked by other skyscrapers. On 17th March in 1930, its construction started and the building was open for business on 1st May in 1931 i.e. a year and 45 days later. In 1950, the art deco antenna tower was further added on top, thereby, increasing its height. Dipped in such rich history, heritage, culture along with design, architecture and travel, the Lego Empire State Building 21046 model is designed for any 16+ years old enthusiast. Unlike many other models from the Lego Architecture series, this model comes with four façades with superior detailing that urges anyone to enjoy the 3600 views, especially when you have added the lights from Briksmax.

Highlighting The Empire State Building 21046 Set With Light Kit

Assemble the 1767 Lego pieces of the model first and then you can customize it with 17 random colored Lego pieces included in the light kit for Lego Architecture Empire State Building. The structure stands over 21” in height, 4” in depth and 7” in width –the tallest in its category as in July last year.

Setting Up Façades, Tower And Baseplate

Make sure you assemble the bricks to highlight the façades featuring the symmetrical curtail design and place the silver antenna tower properly. The tiles of the baseplate should be placed accordingly so that it depicts the Fifth Avenue of New York with busy roads surrounding the building. With the LEDs from the best LED light kit, the six yellow cabs can be highlighted even though you place them in front of any façade.   

Testing Lighting Accessories  

The light kit accessories are kept in different plastic packets and to avoid any damage inside the box, those are wrapped with bubble sheets. Once you bring them out, test each accessory before installation. If there is any quality issue like broken or malfunctioning part, send it back in a week and accept a replacement.

Following The Instruction Book And User Guide

To light up Lego Empire State Building 2019 easily, follow the illustrations and the steps written in the universal language in the instruction book. Keep the user guide book for installation help in the future.

Connecting Lights And Wires

Prepare brick separators to keep the two 50cm connecting wires hidden between the stubs and pass them smoothly. The top and base of the antenna tower, the four façades of the building and the four sides of the baseplate will be lightened up with the solid color projection lamp, flashing colored 30cm light, four 15cm blue lights, two 30cm and two 15cm white lights.   

Setting Up Other Accessories

Bright up Legos  by placing the Adhesive Square, setting up the two Expansion Boards with 6 ports and 8 ports respectively, getting AA batteries and inserting them in the battery pack and connecting the 30cm cable with the USB Hub. The after-sales warranty card comes handy in service for two years.

The light kit is age-appropriate for anyone above six and does not need electrical knowledge for set up. The English booklet available with the Lego set will give an insight into the designer and information about the original and Lego building.



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