Glorify the Love of Friendship House 41340

Anyone loving animated movies and television shows would remember the popular program named Friends of Heartlake City. Lego enthusiasts would love to recreate various scenes from the program where the friendship between the five best friends Mia, Olivia, Emma, Andrea, and Stephanie was shown with perfection. The Lego Friends series has brought forward the Friendship House 41340 model which is designed as an age-appropriate model for kids aged from 6 to 12.

Friendship House 41340

There are 722 pieces to assemble and hence, this can be a great opportunity to introduce the fascinating world of Lego sets to your kids. While kids have fun assembling pieces, you can help them out as well as install the light kits offered by Lightailing to make sure the model glows in dark.    

Special Features Of The Friendship House 41340 Set

Before setting up the lights, it is recommended that you finish assembling the Friendship House Lego set  so that the small delicate parts from the lighting kit and the Lego model do not get mixed up, lost or tampered.

  • With the Minifigures of Andrea, Emma and Olivia, the dog named Dash, hamster named Ruble and a bunny named Cinnamon, the Friendship House are surrounded by bike and trailer with tools, swing and also a converted fire station model with alarm, pulley, slide, opening garage and pole.

  • The four-storied building can be lightened up with Lego light  to highlight the kitchen, garage, living area, bedroom, performance terrace, roof terrace, mailbox, side balcony, barbecue, and Friendship Tree.
  • Special features include tub system and hamster wheel in garage, fridge, cooker, sink and worktop in kitchen, cupboards, craft table and five stools in living room, five beds and double-sized secret mission/TV screen in bedroom and hot tub, music dock, juice bar and telescope in lookout tower from the roof terrace.  

Learning About the Light Kit for Friendship House 41340

No matter whether you are a seasoned operator of electrics or do not have any idea of electrical accessories, the best Lego light kits  are designed as simple accessories for ease of installation.

  • Among the 13 high-quality LED lights offering sufficient brightness, you will get three strip lights of warm white tone, three colored slow flashing lights measuring 15cm each, two red lights measuring 15 each, three white lights measuring 15cm each and two warm white lights of 15cm and 30cm length respectively. The white and warm lights are for bedroom, living room, kitchen, and garage.
  • To connect the lights, there are two connecting cables measuring 15cm each, three cables measuring 5cm each and a 30cm connecting cable which is to be passed comfortably between the bricks in a concealed way without tampering. You need to prepare the brick separator beforehand.
  • The light kit for Friendship House Lego  comprises of four expansion boards with 6 ports each, two Adhesive squares, a 30cm USB cable and a battery pack for which you have to prepare AA batteries in advance.
  • The universally written installation steps on the instruction manual and the user guide will help you in setting up the light kits. There are also six random colored Lego pieces for customization.      

Each lighting kit comes with an after-sale card that offers product warranty for a year but you need to check each part of the accessories to make sure they are in a proper functional state. In case of any discrepancy, you can replace and return within a week of purchase.  




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