How to Lightup Lego Kylo Ren's Shuttle 75256 Set?

The kid-friendly Lego Star Wars Kylo Ren's Shuttle 75256 with 1000+ Lego pieces encourages you to play out various adventures from the movie with the main villain’s personal starship as the centerpiece. Suitable for newbies and experts of electrics alike, the handmade light kit containing 19 high-quality LEDs will help making the structure glow 24x7.

Light Kit For Kylo Ren's Shuttle™ 75256

The resurrection of Emperor Palpatine, the eternal battle between the First Order and The Resistance force and the legendary conflict of the Jedi with Sith Lord come alive in the 2019 movie. The Star Wars Episode IX –The Rise of Skywalker has created quite a buzz after its release and you can recreate its galactic battle scenes with the beginner-level Kylo Ren's Shuttle 75256 set. Comprising 1005 Lego pieces, this personal transport model of the Supreme Leader is suitable for anyone above ten years. When you have finished building the structure, open the Lightailing or Briksmax light kit box to reveal the bubble-wrapped plastic packets that contain LEDs and other accessories separately.     

Specialties Of Kylo Ren's Shuttle 75256 Model

The Lego Star Wars set light kit highlight the starship standing above thirteen inches high, nineteen inches wide and eight inches long with extended wings. There are six Minifigures of Kylo Ren with a lightsaber, General Pryde with a blaster pistol, Sith Trooper with a blaster pistol, Stormtrooper of First Order with the blaster, Sith Trooper and two Knights with mace and axe.

The new helmet design for the Knights of Kylo Ren was added in October 2019. The light kit for 75256 will highlight the command shuttle with rotating right engine that folds in wings while landing and shortens them by folding down the top section.

There are two spring-loaded shooters below the ship, three-Minifigure cockpit and access ramp that can be lowered accordingly. The wings can be retracted as shown in the movie, straightened by twisting the engine and in flight, the wings tilt.   

Highlighting Kylo Ren's Shuttle 75256 With Lighting Kit  

Light Kit For Kylo Ren's Shuttle 75256

Before lighting Lego set, you should test each item and check whether all the accessories and lights are included. The plug-and-play kit is age-appropriate for any 6+ years old and will not need any skill in electrics.

Five random Lego plates are given for using as substitutes or customization. The after-sales card will guarantee you 2 years of manufacturer warranty. You can get all the help regarding the installation from the two instruction books included in the Lego light.

The AA battery pack requires three batteries that you have to arrange separately. For latter installation, you will find the user guide helpful. The kit contains two Adhesive Squares and a 30cm power cord for the USB hub.

Light Kit For Kylo Ren's Shuttle 75256

Two 15cm white, two 15cm yellow, four 30cm warm white, seven 15cm red and four slow-flashing 30cm red lights are included with one small warm white strip LED light for Lego

You will get two 6-port and three 8-port expansion boards in the lighting kit. The Lego piece separator will help in smooth and damage-free insertion of the two 5cm and three 30cm connecting wires.

The return and exchange policy is valid for seven days from the delivery of the kit. Within this period, if you notice any part not functioning properly, you can get a replacement by returning the faulty kit.

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