Impressive Lighting Lego Set: Pop-Up Party Bus 70828

There would hardly be any Lego enthusiast who had not watched the Lego Movie series to relive in the nostalgia. As much as this animated series entertained the watchers, the special features like the Pop-up Party Bus from the Lego Movie 2 have been etched in the mind of everyone. The Lego Movie franchise had thus introduced the colorful and extensive pop-up bus with 1024 Lego pieces. Although the number of pieces seems daunting for a beginner, the set has been designed for anyone above nine years of age so that both kids and grownups can take a down memory lane journey while assembling the pieces. As for making the structure livelier as shown in the movie, Lightailing is offering you the customized high-quality light kit for day and night use.

Light Kit For Pop-Up Party Bus 70828

Know About the Lego Pop-Up Party Bus Set

Having a make-believe party with the Disco Kitty and that too on the Party Bus is something cheerful and interesting in itself. Before trying your hands in setting up light kit for Pop-up Party Bus 70828 here are a few things that you should know about the set you are going to assemble –

The set gets an adorable touch with the buildable Minifigure of Zebe which is 3 inches tall, Unikitty as the Disco Kitty which has been introduced in January this year, along with the mini-doll of Melody and Tempo.

You can create various party scenes with the Minifigures and the Party Bus that is 11 inches long, 9 inches wide and 9 inches high. Recreate any scene of The Lego Movie 2 or customize your own.

Place the Minifigure of Zebe inside the opening cockpit of the bus which has opening side and roof for ease of playing and assembling. To lighten up the rotating dance floor, there is Lego light brick as well as the translucent hued elements on a disco ball that can be flipped up. The Pop-up Party Bus 70828 Lego also features microphones, two foldout loudspeakers, and two smoothie drinks.   

What Is Special about Pop-up Party Bus 70828 Light Kit

Light Kit For Pop-Up Party Bus 70828

 You would not want this vibrant model to lose any attention when the room lights are off and hence, adding the colorful LED lights can be your best option. However, in order to avoid losing or damaging any part, finish up assembling the structure before opening light accessories.   

From the green headlights to a multicolored disco ball, there are 18 lights inside the box to light up Pop-up Party Bus 70828 Lego set. five lights measuring 30cm each and seven lights measuring 15cm each with flashing colored hue along with a 30cm pink LED, 15cm blue LED, two red LEDs and two white LEDs measuring 15cm each is offered.

Pass the two connecting cables measuring 15cm each and another measuring 30cm through or beneath the Lego pieces. The 30cm USB cord is for the USB hub and there is a battery pack for which you have to buy AA batteries.

Light Kit For Pop-Up Party Bus 70828

Other accessories include 4 expansion boards –two with 6 ports and two with 8 ports, Adhesive Square, and 13 random colored Lego pieces for customization.

Adhere to each universally written detailed steps of installation on the user guide and instruction manual for ease of light installation even if you have no electrical knowledge.  

Once you unpack the accessories from separate packers wrapped in bubble films, make sure you check each item minutely so that in case there is any tampered piece, you can replace them within a week. The package offers you an after-sale warranty card which can be useful if any part of the lighting kit breaks down within a year.     





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