Lego Motorized Lighthouse Review

Lego comes out with new exciting Lego kits for both the younger and more mature members of the family all the time. On this page, we are taking a look at the Lego Motorized Lighthouse. The number of the kit is 21335 if you would like to check it out.

As far as Lego ideas motorized lighthouse is one of the more innovative ones. Is it right for you? If you are looking for a new Lego block build kit, we are exploring the Lego Motorized Lighthouse in more detail. Let's find out if this is the right Lego kit for you.

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Behind The Scenes of Lego Motorized Lighthouse Review

Is the Lego Motorized lighthouse a good investment for fans of Lego? These days, Lego come out with such a huge range of kits that keeping up with new ideas is not easy.

The motorized lighthouse kit is one of the tallest creations offered by Lego. If you like larger Lego display pieces, it certainly makes a very interesting build. The lighthouse is designed by dedicated Lego fan Sandro Quattrini. In the eyes of Lego fans, the lighthouse will probably become a collector's piece.

How Much Does the Lego Motorized Lighthouse 21335 Cost?

The cost of the kit in the US is in and around $299.99. In the UK, the kit costs just under £250. Lego is very popular both in the UK and the US. The lowest UK price we came across was £249 but that included shipping.

Do you get value for money? It has to be said that this is a very unique design. The kit comes complete with everything you need to build the lighthouse. The complete kit consists of 2,065 pieces. Building the lighthouse is a fun experience. The kit's designers have managed to sneak in a few unexpected surprises.

Is it good value for money? Compared to many other Lego kits, you can say the Lego Motorized Lighthouse offers good value for money.

Lego Motorized Lighthouse

The Lego Motorized Lighthouse Pros and Cons

Yes, there are pros and cons. Let's take a closer look.

Pros of the Lego Motorized Lighthouse Kit:

The kit contains the motor. That is one of the things in its favor. There has been a lot said about the cost of this Lego kit. But, we feel we should point out the motor costs $60. So, when you consider the overall cost of this model, the price seems more than reasonable.

One of the things, we immediately noticed was the standard of graphic design. Compared to many other kit designs, the standard is good. I have noticed a few not-so-good comments on other sites. But, when I compare the graphic design of the stickers and other materials, I think it is good.

What about the instruction manual? In fact, there are two instruction manuals with the kit. I like the fact that the company has produced one in landscape and another one in portrait. As it is a vertical design, it does make sense to use the portrait design booklet. At least, that is what worked for me.

Getting an insight into the background of the lighthouse design was interesting as well. Lego put some of its top designers to work on the lighthouse model. It was also nice to have a personal touch by Sandro Quattrini.

What really makes this kit stand out is that Lego went to the trouble of developing a working Fresnel lens which powers the lighthouse. As a Lego fan, I was really impressed by that. Accuracy is an important part of this build.

The power "bits" are good. In the final product, they are well hidden and do not stand out at all.

Power up Motorized Lighthouse

Cons of the Lego Motorized Lighthouse Kit:

There are perhaps those who say that the cost is one of its downsides. Is the design concept really that unique? I guess it could be argued that many other building brick manufacturers have come up with similar ideas. However, are they motorized?

Yes, the ticket price is perhaps a bit hefty, but you do get an item which is uniquely designed. Looking at the Lego Motorized Lighthouse in that way, you can say that it offers value for money.

One of the downsides of this build is the rock base. It is made up of four rather ugly pieces that seem out of place. I guess you can say the base does not help to make the kit flow. When you stand back and look at the finished product, it looks better. But, I have to say that I think the kit could have done with a bit more detail of attention when it comes to its base design.

Lego manufacturing techniques have come a long way and I feel that the base of this kit does not showcase that at all. Looking at it positively, I think the lighthouse itself is great.

What About the Build Itself?

Personally, I enjoyed the build. Thanks to the two instruction booklets, the kit comes together fairly easily.

That does not mean there are no challenging parts. If you are a fan of Lego, you are not going to be disappointed. You will have a few challenges as you complete your lighthouse.

I have never built a lighthouse before, but I thought it was an excellent learning experience.

If you don't have a massive amount of more advanced Lego kits for adults, I think the 21335 Motorized Lighthouse is an excellent choice. It is both an enjoyable and interesting build.

build lego Motorized Lighthouse

Is the Motorized Lighthouse 21335 Suitable for Younger Members of The Family?

Perhaps it is a good joint project. Alternatively, with guidance, younger members of the family can complete the lighthouse.

Once displayed, it looks good with its two minifigures. In the kit, you get both a Sailor and the Lighthouse Keeper. Once again, attention has been paid to the minifigures. The Lighthouse Keeper even has a compass!

Final Thoughts

Would I recommend the Lego Motorized Lighthouse? Yes, I would - I think this is a good kit. It looks great on display.

If you would like to draw attention to any of your Lego build, you should consider adding lights. Lightailing is a company that manufactures LED lights for Lego and other building brick kits. Extra lighting always adds a bit of interest and makes your display come alive.

Lego Motorized Lighthouse 21335 light kit
I think they are a great idea and I am happy to recommend Lightailing for add-on Lego ideas.
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