lego expert detective office

If you are quite interested in detectives, the office of Ace Brickman can be a favorite thing for you. Don’t get it?  Well, Lego fans will get it easily. The expert detective’s office is one of the leading models that you can set up. The Lego creator detective’s office  has many features. Some of them are given below.

Main Scenario

The environment of the model is that of an office for an expert detective, the name of the detective in the scene is Mr. Ace Brickman. He has to solve the problem of the lad in the red dress.

lego Detective office

No of mini figures

There are 6 mini figures in the scene that are comprised of the barber, policeman, pool man, dart man, and the detective. These mini figures help to enhance the total scenario of the model.

The ground floor interiors

In the ground floor, you can find the Berber's shop that is owned by Al the barber. You can also find the customers of the Berber. The pool party room is next in the model. You can find the pool board here. There are some competitors who are playing pool in this room. There are dart boards and dart man in the expert creator Lego® detective office.

Lego detective office light kit

The second-floor interiors

At the second floor, there is the main office of Ace Brickman. He is the main character of the total models. While assembling the model you can find a lot of minute detailing in the 10246 detective’s office. You have to set up the table and clues. The concealed wall compartment in the room of the detective will be full of clues. In the bathroom, you can get the classic toilet. In the second floor, you can also get to see the kitchen. In the kitchen, you can expect full equipment. The presence of this equipment actually makes your model interesting to set up. 

Moreover, the roof and the water tank also make the model very interesting. You can get to see some wonderful interior features in the model. Another convenience that you can enjoy in the model is the easily removable roof top.

Light kit for detective office

Lightings in the Model

You can conveniently add a large number of customizable lightings in the model. There are both interior and exterior setups of light. You can add the main light in front of the Berber's shop on the ground floor. LED lamps can be added on to the main door and at the front of the detective's office too. In the second floor, there is an advertisement present where you can add the LED.

Consider the LED attachable for the Lego® 10246 model to run for a long time giving your model a soothing detail during the night. You can expect that your model will look like a real house while you turn on the lights.

The LED lightings come in the affordable costs which you can easily buy from various online and offline stores. So, these are some leading features of the Lego® detective’s office that you must ponder upon.               

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