Lighting Lego Creativity Enhancement Roller Coaster 10261

With over 4000 Lego pieces, The Lego Creator Expert Roller Coaster 10261 set offers a challenging yet exciting Lego building experience and a virtual fairground vibe. With 34 premium LED lights and high-quality lighting accessories of Lightailing, you will no longer have to worry about leaving the model in dark.

Light Kit For Roller Coaster 10261

Whether you want to relive the palpitating roller coaster ride at an amusement park or want to satiate your adrenaline junkie self by building a Lego model, the Lego Creator Expert series is here to help you. With 4124 Lego pieces, this chain-lift model suitable for anyone above sixteen has two trains having three cars in each and the coaster can start whirling through twists and turns as you rotate the knob for activating the chain lift. What is better, you can even install Lego Boost or Lego power features on your mobile device to upgrade the coaster adventure and combine physical and digital play. Once the structure is complete, Lightailing has its handmade lighting kit to install for a glorious view in the dark.    

Specialties Of Roller Coaster 10261 Set

The Lego light kit  will highlight the set standing above twenty inches high, sixteen inches deep and thirty-four inches wide. You can combine it with the Carousel 10257 model and motorize the coaster with power functions including 88000 AAA battery box and 8883 medium motor.

There are eleven Minifigures of five riders, two grandparents and granddaughter, two ride attendants and the cotton candy seller, among which eight have reversible heads for different emotions.

Light Kit For Roller Coaster 10261

The 2x8x6 Rail Slope, plant leaves, flowers, stalks and 1x2x1 bow brick were added in June 2018. Also included are two cotton candies, height checker, ride control panel, number pad, arrow tiles, money, ticket and pressure gauge.

After lighting Lego, the classic brick sign, train cars on low-friction wheels, seven different elements on the 44-piece railway track look amazing. The lights also highlight the fountain, ticket booth, concession stand, cotton candy cart, bench, waiting area, pond with frog and camera element.   

Highlighting Roller Coaster 10261 With Light Kit

Light Kit For Roller Coaster 10261

Suitable for 6+ years old Lego builders, the light kit is installable by both laymen and experts of electrics. After unboxing, you should test each accessory and LED for Lego set while making sure that all the items are there in the kit.

You will get two multi-color changing string lights, fourteen warm white light strips, one 30cm and six 15cm white slow-flashing lights, three 30cm red slow-flashing lights and eight warm white 15cm LEDs for highlighting the set.

Brick separators can help you insert and conceal one 5cm, seven 15cm and ten 30cm connecting cables between Lego stubs so that the exterior look is not compromised and the wires remain out of harm’s way.

Light Kit For Roller Coaster 10261

You will know how to light up Lego Roller Coaster 10261 model from the universal instruction book containing illustrations while the user guide helps during future setups.

There are multifunctional boards, one 8-port and five 6-port expansion boards, one Adhesive Square, a 30cm power cable, one AA battery pack and two LR44 battery holders. The sixteen random Lego plates are for customization.

There is a 2-year after-sales card included in the light kit. Moreover, for any kind of manufacturing issue found in a week, you can return the kit to get a replacement.

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