Lighting Lego Creator Dinosaur Fossils 21320

Let your dinosaur-loving side bring out a Jurassic world with the Lego Dinosaur Fossils 21320 set consisting of the T-Rex, Triceratops and Pteranodon skeletons. With the Briksmax and Lightailing LED lighting kit, the model will get a vibrant natural history museum look at night.

If you take interest in natural history or movies on the Jurassic world, the Dinosaur Fossils 21320 set with 910 pieces from the Lego Ideas series will be a perfect option for you. Age-appropriate for any Lego enthusiast aged above 16, the Lego set comes with an informative booklet regarding the dinosaurs namely Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops and Pteranodon. Apart from the dinosaurs on respective stands, you will get to assemble and place the Minifigure of the Paleontologist and the Homo sapience skeleton. Your natural history exhibit will never be left in dark even when the room lights are doused, thanks to the handmade and top-quality lighting kit from Lightailing and Briksmax.

Special Features of Dinosaur Fossils 21320 Set

Before adding Lego lights  to the structure depicting dinosaurs from 8 million years ago, you should assemble the adjustable pterosaur skeleton toy, buildable triceratops and the tyrannosaurus rex standing seven inches tall with 15 inches length.

  • The booklet contains not only details about these three dinosaurs but also the Lego designer and fan creator, as well as the Lego building instructions for easy assembly.
  • The posable and buildable skeleton models on their respective display stands are designed in the ratio of 1:32 so that they look life-size in respect to the Homo sapiens skeleton and the Paleontologist Minifigure.  
  • With the light kit for Lego 21320, you can highlight the dinosaur models along with the display stands, buildable crate, bone, dinosaur egg fossil, book and hat elements for the paleontologist.

Lighting Up the Dinosaur Fossils 21320 Set

In the light of the Coronavirus outbreak, you should sanitize your hands, the Lego structure, and the lighting accessories before handling them. On completion of assembly, get AA batteries in advance as the light kit does not come with batteries. Also, prepare the brick separators so that you do not have to enter the wires forcefully.

  • The light kit for Lego Dinosaur Fossil set  contains a user guide for future installation and a universal instruction manual including illustrations to help even a 6+ years old kid or someone without any prior electrical knowledge set up the lights easily.
  • You can use the random colored Lego brick in the existing Lego structure for customization. Insert the batteries into the two Oval CR2032 battery packs and AA battery box.

  • Pass the two 15cm connecting wires and one 30cm wire comfortably between the stubs and hide them properly. Light up Lego bricks  with one small warm white light strip, one large 15cm warm white LED, four 15cm LEDs and eighteen 30cm LEDs of warm white tone.
  • Set up the Adhesive Square along with one 12-port and one 6-port expansion board. There are three 30cm power cables for the USB Hub.

To avoid viral contamination and damage of the accessories during shipping, each accessory is packed inside the separate plastic packet and wrapped with air-bubble films inside the box. Test each accessory properly and you can return and replace the set within seven days in case of any defect or broken part. The after-sale card gives you two years of manufacturer guarantee.

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