Love the Lights of the City Of Love: Lighting Paris 21044

The city of Paris is one of the famous tourist destinations for almost everybody in the world. This city got both the visual and historical attraction for everyone. Understanding this point, LEGO released the famous skyline of the under its architecture series.

This allowed LEGO enthusiasts to build a miniature version of this romantic city. If a user wants to experience more realistic features and beauty of then he or she could use light kits for lighting Paris 21044 LEGO set. These lighting accessories would make the model more active and life-like. Enthusiasts who like to display their model, like to implement lightning kits for avoiding its bland look due to bad lighting conditions.

About the LEGO set

light kit for lego Paris 21044

This beautiful looking LEGO set would require 649 total bricks for constructing the whole structure. Unlike other architectural sets, the city of Paris doesn’t have any modern skyscraper building. This set gives more focus to the miniature version of other famous building and historical landmark. Each of the landmarks has its distinctive features and style. For completely assembling this whole structure, you would need at least 1 hour. The balanced height and styles of these buildings would make the overall look of set extremely pleasing to any LEGO lover.

Special features of lightning kit for LEGO Paris set

lego Paris 21044 set light kit

Everybody would agree that the real beauty of Paris and the Eiffel tower could only be enjoyed at night time. These lights are small in size but they are very powerful, which is enough to illuminate the whole structure. Therefore, adding an LED light kit for LEGO set would allow you to enjoy the real charm of it. Here are some of the silent features of the lightning kit that would bring out the charm of the Paris 21044 LEGO set.

  • The lightning set for this LEGO set is specially customized for perfectly fitting into the set. All LED lights are small in size and cables of the kit are also thin, which would allow the user to place them between the gaps or behind the brick. In this way, wires from the LEGO light kit would not affect the look of the whole structure.

Lightailing light kit for Paris 21044

  • The lightning kit for this architectural set includes expansion boards, AA battery pack, USB power cables, etc. It also includes a USB Hub for a convenient connection to the power source for the lighting kit. This set also includes bright white lights and flashing colored lights.
  • The installation process of the light kit for lighting Paris 21044 LEGO set is very easy. The user would have to follow the instruction manual given along with the set for completing the installation of the lighting kit. The lightning kits could easily be customized, and it could be upgraded by the user according to their wish. The user would just have to insert the plug and the lightning kit would come to life.

Therefore, we can say that lighting kit would allow you to enjoy the night view of the city whenever you want. This kit would bring the set to life and allow you to enjoy the beauty that belongs to the City Of Love, Paris.  

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