Shopping Fun In Dazzling Lego Christmas Winter Village Market 10235

The Lego Creator Winter Village Market 10235 model with over 1200 Lego pieces can add to the Christmas nostalgia featuring carousel, baker stand and more. You do not have to worry about the set being overshadowed when the handmade and premium lighting kit from Lightailing is there to brighten it up both during day and night.

Light Kit For Christmas Winter Village Market 10235

The winter is knocking at your door and although Christmas is next month, you can start celebrating in advance with the exclusive Winter Village series. The Lego Winter Village 10235 model from the Lego Creator series can bring you the perfect vibe of a cheery village fair. With its 1261 Lego pieces, it is a perfect set for anyone above twelve years old and what is better, you do not even require any electrical knowledge to lighten the model up as the high-quality LED light kit from Lightailing designed as a plug-and-play kit. The holiday spirit of Thanksgiving and Christmas gets in full swing when you combine this set with the Winter Village Cottage 10229 set for an extensive scenario.

What Is So Special About Winter Village Market 10235 Set?

Before lighting Winter Village Market, you should have the entire Lego building set up so that no small part gets missing or mixed up among delicate light accessories. Due to the risk of choking hazard, the light kit is suitable for any enthusiast above six years.

There are nine Minifigures namely two males, three females and four kids with accessories like scarf, teddy bear, cups, food elements, purse and a cat.

The candy stand, grill stand and bakery are filled up with holiday treats like a pretzel, a pie and a croissant at baker stand, sweetmeats at candy stand and sausage with chicken at grill stand.

Light Kit For Christmas Winter Village Market 10235

This Christmas Lego gift comes with three tables, three trees, two streetlamps and a bench. The booths have a height of more than three inches, a width of three inches and a depth of one inch.

There is the moving bucket competition at the operator’s booth. The carousel is a vibrant fully functioning structure featuring horses with decorative headwear accessories. You can rotate the carousel by turning a handle and let the Minifigures take rides. 

Light Kit For Christmas Winter Village Market 10235

The multicolored light for Lego 10235 will highlight the rocking horses on the carousel along with the operator’s booth. Together they stand seven inches in height, six inches in depth and ten inches in width.

The light kit hardcover box contains separate plastic packets wrapped with air-bubble films that prevent any damage to the respective accessories. On opening the packets, you have to make sure that all elements are included and test each accessory for proper functionality.

Light Kit For Christmas Winter Village Market 10235

The multicolored, red, blue, warm white and yellow LEDs and the color-changing blue and red Carousel Lego light for Christmas set can be set up with the help of the illustrated installation steps from the universal instruction manual. In further steps, the user guide will come handy.

Keep the brick separator ready for passing the connecting cables and buy AA batteries beforehand for the battery pack. Set up the USB hub, Expansion boards and Adhesive Squares.

There is a 2-years manufacturing warranty card valid from after the delivery date. Within seven days, if you notice any broken or malfunctioning light kit, return it and get a replacement.   

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