The Amazing Fun With The Lego City Arctic Supply Plane 60196!

With over seven hundred Lego pieces and four Minifigures, the Lego City Arctic Supply Plane 60196 set depicts a catch and load scene of a tiger on the airplane. Briksmax and Lightailing lighting kits make the structure vibrant with handmade light accessories and twenty high-quality LED lights.

 Arctic Supply Plane 60196

Take a trip to the chilling Arctic region with the Lego Arctic Supply Plane 60196 set made up of 707 pieces from the Lego City series. Designed for anyone aged between seven and twelve years old, this beginner-level set can be built by an adult for a perfect time-pass Lego building session. Once you have finished assembling the entire set with the plane, ice enclosure, mountain and ice cutter, open the lighting kit from Lightailing or Briksmax. The light kit is designed as a plug-and-play model and can be installed by anyone with or without proper knowledge of electrics.    

Specialties Of Arctic Supply Plane 60196 Set

Make sure that the Lego City lights, accessories and Lego pieces are not mixed up, damaged or lost –always start with the light kit after completing the structure. The lighting kit comes with random colored ten Lego plates that you can use as substitutes or for customization.

An amazing airlift scene is portrayed through the supply Cargo Plane that stands over three inches in height with a length of eleven inches and a width of ten inches. It has ski landing gear and opening cargo hold with two cargo boxes on the rear end. Use the handheld beacons and radio to guide and land the plane. 

 Arctic Supply Plane 60196

There are four Minifigures of the Arctic pilot, the Arctic explorer, expedition driver and expedition leader. Use the lights for Lego to highlight the ice cutting vehicle that stands over four inches each in width and height and nine inches in length. It has rotating and opening cab, four tracks and spinning blade on the articulating saw arm.

By lowering the saw blade, you can slice through the ice mountain measuring three inches high, three inches deep and four inches wide to release the pre-historic one-inch high Saber-toothed tiger. The ice scooter can be used to load the tiger onto the cargo. Accessories include a pair of snowshoes and laptop. The “frozen” tiger is enclosed in translucent blue ice blocks.  

Highlighting Arctic Supply Plane 60196 With Light Kit

 Arctic Supply Plane 60196

The light kit for Lego Arctic Supply Plane 60196  is age-appropriate for anyone above six years old. It comes in a sturdy hardcover box that contains separate plastic packets wrapped with air-bubble films to avoid damage while in transit.

The instruction book with illustrated steps in the universal language will help in installation and the user guide will come handy in further steps. The 2-years manufacturing warranty is offered by the after-sales card.

 Arctic Supply Plane 60196

For lighting Lego, there are two 30cm and six 15cm white, four 15cm red, one slow-flashing 30cm and one slow-flashing 15cm red,  one slow-flashing 30cm green and four warm white 15cm LEDs along with one white light strip.

Prepare the brick separator to pass two 15cm connecting wires. Get batteries for the AA battery pack and CR2032 Oval battery pack. Set up two Adhesive Squares with one 12-port, one 8-port and one 6-port expansion boards and connect the 30cm USB cable.

Always test each accessory before proceeding to the final installation. As the Lego pieces and the delicate lighting accessories are small enough to cause choking hazards among infants, keep them away from kids.

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