The Architectural Diversity Of London: Skyline Collection 21034

A virtual tour to London is guaranteed with the Lego London 21034 set that is made up of over 400 Lego pieces. Give a magical night look to the London Skyline with the Briksmax lighting kit that can be installed without any prior electrical skill.

From those who live in London to those who have visited London, the enchanting skyline surrounding the Thames is something anyone would appreciate. Besides, those who have never been to London, but nurture the dream to visiting at some time in life can enjoy a virtual trip while assembling 468 pieces of the London 21034 set from the Lego Architecture series. This skyline model suitable for any Lego enthusiast aged above twelve years is a more or less a beginner set and has a perfect representation of the real-life color scheme of the structures and their comparative size with respect to each other. With the premium and handmade lighting kit of Briksmax, you can recreate the magnificent night view of London no matter whether you know electrics or not.

What The Specialties Of London 21034 Set Are

Make sure you have finished building the Lego set so that there is no confusion regarding the lights and no delicate part gets broken or mixed up. The lights for Lego  along with the accessories come packed respectively in different plastic packets and to keep them safe from tampering or damage inside the box, there are protective air-bubble sheets.

With the LEDs, you can highlight the skyline model that has a height of five inches, depth of three inches and width of eleven inches. The architectures stand on a black base plate with ‘London’ inscribed on it.

The structures include the London Eye, the Tower Bridge, the Big Ben or Elizabeth Tower, Nelson’s Column and the National Library. The set has simple yellow ochre, black, grey, white and blue colored bricks.

There is a booklet that contains information regarding information on each building and gives you an idea of the English design, architecture, heritage, history and travel regarding the capital city of the United Kingdom.  

Highlighting London 21034 Set With Lighting Kit

The light kit London Skyline Collection 21034 Set  is age-appropriate for any 6+ years old enthusiast. Before setting up the battery pack of the light kit, you should get three AA batteries.

You will get three Lego Round Trans Clear 1x1 plates that can be used as a substitute for other pieces or customization with the main structure.

Abide by each step and supporting illustrations from the instruction manual in the universal language. The user guide will help you in the further installation stages.

One 15cm connecting wire is given to pass between the stubs so that it remains hidden from the outer look. The brick separators will keep the cable safe from forcible entry.

The Lego Architecture set light kit includes eight warm white 15cm LEDs, eight blue 15cm LEDs and two multi-color changing string lights.

Two 12-port expansion boards, an Adhesive Square, the AA battery box, and the USB hub should be prepared with the 30cm USB cable. Keep the after-sale card safely for two years as a manufacturer guarantee.

On opening the box, check each accessory for any kind of defect –if any, get it returned within seven days and get a replacement. To avoid electric burns, keep the main power below 5V.

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