The Biggest Thrilling Action Pack Set Lego T. rex Transport 75933!

Enjoy a journey to Jurassic World with the kid-friendly Lego T. rex Transport 75933 model made up of over six hundred Lego pieces. Lightailing and Briksmax make the journey even more enjoyable with the handmade premium lighting kit that can be easily installed by even a layman to make the structure glow at night.

T. rex Transport 75933

The sequels to the award-winning Jurassic Park Trilogy, Jurassic World and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom have made the dinosaur lovers even more excited to understand the animal-human bonding. With the third movie all set to release in a few months, you can let your little ones assemble the beginner-level Lego T. rex Transport 75933 set from the Jurassic World series to have an idea about the extinct animals and how going against nature can be catastrophic. Although age-appropriate for kids aged between seven and twelve, any adult who has enjoyed the movies can enjoy a leisurely time assembling the 609 Lego pieces. Your electrical skill does not matter when you install the plug-and-play lighting kit from Lightailing or Briksmax to brighten up the model.

Specialties Of T. rex Transport 75933 Set

The Lego light kit will highlight the truck that stands three inches high with a width of three inches and a length of five inches. The trailer along with containment unit stands above six inches high with a length of six inches and a width of three inches.

There are three Minifigures including two guards and Zia besides the baby dinosaur and a Tyrannosaurus Rex figure with posable limbs, snapping jaws and head. Once you have added LED for Lego, track the T. rex and unlock the side panels of the container to stage the escaping of the T. rex.

Light Kit For T. rex Transport 75933

Lighten up the single-seater truck and the detachable container unit with lockable and opening side panels. The light kit for 75933 will also highlight the mobile medical laboratory unit with two transfusion leads and a monitoring system.

Remove the laboratory unit from transporter and then perform emergency blood transfusion by attaching the leads to the T. rex. There are weapons like stud shooter, shock prod and a gun.   

Highlighting T. rex Transport 75933 With Light Kit

Light Kit For T. rex Transport 75933

Just like the Lego City set light kit, the Lightailing Jurassic World light kit is suitable for any enthusiast above six years old. As the kit excludes any battery, you need to get AA batteries in advance for the AA battery holder.

The after-sales card offers a 2-year manufacturing warranty from the delivery date. While the universal illustrated instruction book is for step-by-step installation assistance, the user guide is for further use.

Light Kit For T. rex Transport 75933

For lighting Lego set, you will get thirteen high-quality LEDs including two 10cm and two 15cm red LEDs, four 30cm and five 15cm warm white LEDs. A 15cm connecting wire is given for the lights.

You will also get one 8-port and one 12-port expansion board, an Adhesive Square and a 30cm USB power cable.

It is mandatory to test each light and accessory before the final setup. If you find any defect within a week, there is easy return-and-replacement for you.   

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