The lighting Legendary Defender: Voltron

Be it the animated television series from the 1980s or Voltron: Legendary Defender from DreamWorks, the super robot is able to handle global catastrophe. Known as the Defender of the Universe, the gigantic Voltron force is awakened virtually with the 2321 Lego pieces which can be assembled by anyone above sixteen years old. One of the most colorful structures from the Lego Ideas collection, the Voltron 21311 is actually a five-in-one model where you can assemble the significantly strong joints of the five different colored lions and create the mighty Voltron. However, as dynamic as the structure sounds, the main attraction lies in the LED lights that make sure your Voltron glows in the dark and for that, Lightailing makes sure you have the best light kit.     

Voltron 21311 Model

Know About Voltron 21311 Model

If you want to brighten up Lego  Voltron model, make sure you know that there are highly posable and buildable lions in red, black, blue, green and yellow color, having specially designed joints that can be assembled to create the super robot of Voltron. You can play with separate lions or create Voltron’s torso and head with a black lion, arms with green and red lion and legs with blue and yellow lions. The arms, wrists, shoulders, and head are movable and you can even attach shield and sword with silver elements to its hands. From the booklet, you will know about assembling the pieces as well as information regarding the creator of the set and designers.

Voltron 21311 Model

What Is Special About Light Kit for Voltron 21311

Before you light up Voltron Lego set, it is recommended to make sure you are finished assembling the Lego pieces otherwise they might end up tampered or lost. Kids can also accompany any guardian in installing the lights, in the condition that the guardian is either familiar with electrics or is referring to the manuals properly.

Voltron 21311 Model light kit

  • Fort the sword and the abdomen part of Voltron, there are two red strip lights and one red light measuring 30cm along with blue light of 30cm length. For the eyes and other parts of the structure, you will get a yellow and a white strip LED lights and two warm white lights measuring 15cm each.
  • The light kit for Voltron  includes two expansion boards with 6 ports and 8 ports respectively, a USB cable of 30cm length for the USB hub, a connecting cable of 5cm length, two cables of 15cm length each and two cables of 30cm length each.
  • You will get Adhesive Square and six random colored Lego pieces for customization. Only the battery pack for AA batteries is included –you have to get the batteries separately.

Voltron 21311 Model light kit set

  • Finally, the instruction manual and the user guide book will help you in the installation of lights and kits through or below the studs for keeping them safely concealed and the structure beautiful.    

As all the small and delicate lighting accessories are packed inside separate plastic bags and bubble film is wrapped around to protect them from handling damage, there is hardly any chance that you will find any piece broken. Yet, you need to check them properly and make sure they are working fine, otherwise with the after-sale warranty card included in the sturdy box will help you replace them within a year.    


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