The Lighting Masterbuild Lego set Mobile Crane MK II 42009

With over 2600 Lego pieces, the Lego Technic Mobile Crane MK II 42009 is a moderate-level set with a behemoth structure that combines fun and education at the same time. This 2-in-1 set can be lightened up by the high-quality Lightailing lighting kit that anyone regardless of his/her electrical skills can install easily.

Light Kit For Mobile Crane MK II 42009

Having a penchant for engineering, automobile or car toys is quite common, but if your hobby is Lego building, the Lego Mobile Crane MK II 42009 model can be your best choice. The Lego Technic series has always come up with some of the best car models to trigger the creativity of the enthusiasts and this model with 2606 Lego pieces is not an exception. Designed for anyone above twelve years old, this challenging model can even be disassembled and reassembled into the container truck and container stacker. If you are worried about leaving these vehicles in the dark when the room lights are doused or at night, there are the handmade LEDs and premium lighting accessories from Lightailing. For experts and laymen in electrics alike, this plug-and-play light kit is easy to install.

 Highlighting Mobile Crane MK II 42009 With Light Kit

Light Kit For Mobile Crane MK II 42009

The Lego light kit for 42009 is age-appropriate for any 6+ years old Lego builder and comes with its manufacturer guarantee of 2 years from the date of delivery. You should not open the box before finishing the Lego structure because the small parts can cause choking hazards or get lost among the Lego pieces while the delicate accessories are prone to damage.

The Mobile Crane MK IIstands above eight inches high with a length of twenty-three inches and a width of five inches when the outriggers and the crane arm are retracted.

Light Kit For Mobile Crane MK II 42009

The Lego Technic light kit will also highlight the container truck that is eleven inches long with width and height of three inches respectively, as well as the container stacker that stands over twenty inches high with the fully extended boom, nineteen inches long and seven inches wide.

The stunning 8 wheels can be steered along with the engine pistons to rotate this superstructure after lighting Lego There are five axles, ten wheels and the detailed V8 motor. You can extend the outriggers to increase stability and the crane arm up to thirty inches into the air.

Light Kit For Mobile Crane MK II 42009

The warm white, white and yellow LED for Lego  should be tested properly along with the lighting accessories before installation. Follow each illustrated step from the instruction manual and keep the user guide for further installation help.

There are Lego 8881 Power Functions Battery Box and Lego 8882 Power Functions XL Motor included in the set. Just as you get a manual to light up Lego set, the set also comes with a universal building instruction book.

The light kit comes without any battery and therefore, you have to arrange three AA batteries for the battery holder. The brick separator will help you insert connecting wires without damage and conceal them conveniently. Also, set up the Adhesive Square, USB hub and expansion ports.

The light kit accessories are packed separately in plastic packets wrapped with air-bubble sheets inside the box to avoid any harm. If you notice any defect, feel free to return within a week for a replacement.

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