The lighting side of creator 3 in 1 shuttle Transporter 31091

Anyone who has a knack for automobile, especially different types of cars, spaceships, airplanes, and heavy-duty cars would love to try assembling the Lego Shuttle Transporter 31091 set. With only 314 Lego pieces, this model from Lego Creator series is perfect for you as well as your kids who are over 7 years of age. While you can take a nostalgic ride down memory lane your childhood, you can let your kids give their Lego building skill a try with this beginner set that can turn out into three different models of vehicles. But that’s not all as Lightailing brings you the lighting kit for the set so that no matter the night has fallen or the room lights are doused, your Lego structure is always highlighted.

Light Kit For 3in1 Shuttle Transporter 31091

What To Know About Shuttle Transporter 31091 Set?

Before checking out the light kit for 3 in 1 Shuttle Transporter 31091  you should know about the tidbits of the Lego set so that installing the lights in the proper place as well as customizing with them becomes easier. Endless fun awaits you in building Shuttle Transporter and dissembling it again to build toy Helicopter Transporter, car with a caravan or even a flatbed truck.

While assembling Shuttle Transporter, you will get to build the flatbed trailer with trailer, satellite and space shuttle with their various features.

With LED lighting kit  you can highlight the authentic colored space shuttle that features large engines, tinted windshield, working crane and bay doors opening payload.

The flatbed truck with trailer features ten wheels having rubber tires, tinted windshield, vertical exhaust stacks and horns mounted on the roof.

You can load space shuttle on a heavy-duty flatbed truck to head for launch site and then let it blast off into space. Payload doors can be opened to let satellite go into the orbit with the help of a crane and then let it head back to the earth for a perfect landing.   

Special Features of the Light Kit for Shuttle Transporter 31091

Light Kit For 3in1 Shuttle Transporter 31091

 The lighting kit for Lego set  should be unpacked once you have finished assembling the vehicles so that the small delicate parts do not get broken or lost among the small Lego pieces. No matter whether you know about electrical installations or not, the light kit is designed in a way that everyone can install it by referring to the manual.

Among the 12 LED lights, there are two red lights measuring 15cm each, three warm white toned lights measuring 15cm each, one warm white light measuring 30cm, four white lights measuring 15cm each and two white lights measuring 30cm each. The truck with trailer uses white lights mostly while space shuttle uses red and warm white lights.

Light Kit For 3 in1 Shuttle Transporter 31091

The lighting kit for Shuttle Transporter Lego set  includes two expansion boards with 8 ports each, a connecting cable of 30cm to pass through the Lego pieces comfortably without ruining the look, a 30cm USB cable for the hub, Adhesive Square and a battery pack for which you have to buy AA batteries separately.

Four random colored Lego pieces are also offered for customization along with universally written user guide, instruction book with installation steps and warranty card.

After unwrapping bubble films and unpacking each plastic packet inside the box, check the accessories and test them for functionality. The warranty card is valid for a year and in case of tampering or defect, you can replace them within a week.

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