The Magical Adventure With Lighting Lego Disney Train And Station 71044

With about three thousand Lego pieces, the Lego Powered Up Disney Train And Station 71044 set is a perfect replica model of the motorized steam train of the Disney Parks along with the tender, locomotive, passenger car, parlor car and station. 35 high-quality lights with handmade accessories of Briksmax or Lightailing light kits will never let this extensive model out of focus even in darkness.

Light Kit For Disney Train and Station 71044

Take a down memory lane journey to those good-old childhood days with the Disney Train And Station 71044 model from the Lego Powered Up series and enjoy a virtual trip to Disney Park. With 2925 Lego pieces, this model appropriate for anyone above twelve years old stands above four inches high with thirty inches in length and three inches in width. With five decorated Minifigures of Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Minnie Mouse, Dale and Chip, you can enjoy role-playing. Install the Powered Up Lego app on your smart device and connect with Bluetooth to add realistic sound effects to the cars and control the locomotive to move in reverse or forward. Finish building the structure first and then open the box to reveal the premium lighting kit of Lightailing or Briksmax that is installable by even a layman of electrics.

Specialties Of Disney Train And Station 71044 Set

Light Kit For Disney Train and Station 71044

The Lego Disney set light  kit can brighten up the station building measuring over fifteen inches in height, fourteen inches in width and six inches in depth. As the light kit comes without batteries, you have to purchase them beforehand.

The oval railway track is thirty-seven inches in diameter and twenty-seven inches in width and there are sixteen curved and four straight pieces of railway track. Train cars can be joined easily with magnetic couplings.

The railstation interior features comfy café corner with buildable furnishings like wall clock, draped windows and ceiling chandelier, the tower room and the ticket counter.

Light Kit For Disney Train and Station 71044

The light kit for Lego 71044 set can highlight the station exterior with intricate façade, clock, balcony and two flagged windows. The panel of the parlor car can be removed to reveal the cup, teapot, armchairs and table.

Tender features the Powered Up 88011 Train Motor and Powered Up 88009 Hub while the locomotive has huge red fender, driver cabin, large smokestack and functional coupling rods for red wheels.     

Highlighting Disney Train And Station 71044 With Lighting Kit

Light Kit For Disney Train and Station 71044

The lighting kit for Lego is safe for anyone above the age of six and before installation, one should test the lights and accessories. There are nine randomized Lego plates that you can use for customization.

The package contains two 15cm white, one 15cm blue, one 15cm yellow and two large 15cm, fifteen 10cm and seven standard 15cm warm white LEDs along with seven warm white light strips.

Light Kit For Disney Train and Station 71044

One 50cm, one 30cm, eight 15cm and four 5cm connecting cables can be passed comfortably between Lego stubs with brick separators. Know how to light up Lego model by following the universal illustrated instruction book.

Follow the two user guides for future installations and keep the after-sales card as 2-year manufacturer warranty. There are three Adhesive Squares, one 12-port and eight 6-port expansion boards, two AA battery packs and two 30cm power cables for USB hubs.

In case of any missing or damaged part from the light kit noticed right after opening or during installation, you can return it within a week and a replacement will be issued.

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