The Surprising Shiny Look of the Spectacular Lego Star Wars Star Destroyer

Star Wars franchise fans from all over the world will always remember the spectacular movie shot of the Imperial Star Destroyer in “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope”. Lego has released the latest rendition of this new ship as part of its Lego Star Wars – Ultimate Collectors Series edition. Now children, Lego play-set collectors, and Star Wars fans alike can actually get their hands on a fair-sized model of this iconic starship. The Lego Star Wars Star Destroyer  will be available for the public in the month of October 2019. After assembly and fitted with custom-made LED light kit for Lego products, this gigantic model can become the showpiece of any display.

Lego Star Wars Star Destroyer

Notable Features of Lego Star Wars Star Destroyer

One of the biggest brick-sets ever to be launched by Lego as a part of its ever-popular Star Wars Universe collection, the set measures a whopping 110 cm in length and contains 4784 assembly parts. Apart from the main Starship, the package also contains a mini Tantive IV spaceship as part of the rebel opposition in the Star Wars storyline.

Lego Star Wars Star Destroyer

The large package box includes four white boxes containing 52 packages in total, a massive spiral-bound instruction manual with detailed information about the Star Destroyer  along with assembly details.

There are two mini-figures provided with the iconic set – one is an Imperial Crew officer and the other a member, both holding blaster pistols. The designs of both figures are an improvement over previously released ones with finer details and textures.

Lego Star Wars Star Destroyer

The assembly process is suitable complicated for such a detailed and massive set, commencing with sturdy display stands which is integral to the structure. The interior of the ship is extensively detailed with hanger bays, reactor area, and the bridge among others. The whole assembly is beautifully engineered and is quite steady with the right assembly.

There are multiple gun batteries all along with the ship with layered armor-plating which is true to the original design. The dominant color of the panels is light bluish-grey which adds to its overall menacing nature.

Light Up your Star Destroyer for Space Battle!

Lego Star Wars Star Destroyer

Now that the massive model is assembled and ready to deploy in the intergalactic battlefield, why not make it more menacing and beautiful by adding a light kit for Lego Star Wars star Destroyer ? These LED lighting kits are custom-built by professionals who also love to indulge in Lego assembly and model collection. They understand the context of the play-sets and construct the lighting display accordingly. The components used are of high quality and are safe to be handled by children. The wires and lights integrate with the intended Lego play-set seamlessly and do not display any loose fittings. The idea is to enhance the overall beauty and to light up Lego  sets by focusing on its intricate details. The children will love its many playable functions and can re-enact many scenes from the movies with the lighted-up model.

To conclude, the Star Wars Star Destroyer is one such iconic collector’s item which can enhance the look and feel of any Lego Collection. Once lighted up deftly with professionally-made LED lights, it sure looks spectacular and can be the centerpiece of any Lego collection or even shine as a standalone display set.





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