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Lego has excelled itself with this product. VIP membership enabled early access to the model.


“The Aston Martin DB5 is an extremely fun build to put together and has a surprising amount of play options, which means it's much more than just a display piece.

In terms of build, it took me approximately 5 hours to build (in one sitting, allowing for a break). As with most sets, you establish the moving parts early on in the build. I found the elastic band section (which controls the Ejector Seat) to be a little more fiddly than usual, but once the surrounding pieces were in place, it wasn't too much of an issue. It's a robust and sturdy build: weighty enough to feel substantial but not too heavy to detract from play.

Play-wise, there are many options available: the aforementioned Ejector Seat is controlled using the rear bumper, opening the roof on pull and ejecting the seat on release. Additionally, the gear stick inside the car controls the front facing machine guns and the exhaust pipe raises and lowers the bulletproof shield at the rear of the car. Some of these features are a little stiff, but they're reliably designed and not difficult to use.

The only slight negative I have is that the grace of the car it is based on is a little lost in translation to Lego, featuring far more angles than are present in its real-life counterpart. Don't expect a 1:1 recreation of the DB5. That said, it's a striking design that certainly evokes the classic car and 007's unique features give it a unique feel.Overall, I'm really impressed with the set. A (somewhat) lengthy, but straightforward build and quite a few play options mean this is a must-have for any globe-trotting spy enthusiasts. Excellent.”---- From LEGO Fan Building Review


Get a license to build with the awesome LEGO Creator Expert 10262 James Bond Aston Martin DB5.Let’s talk about the price.The price is $ 149.99 in US and¥1699 In China.

US$149.99 [US]  

AU$209.99 [AUS]

GBP£129.99 [UK]

CAD$179.99 [CAN]

€149.99 [EU]

This set includes over 1,290 pieces and is suitable for ages 16+.

New-for-August-2018 special components include a drum-lacquered macaroni connector, 2x4 tile and 1M beam, plus a printed 1x2 tile with grille pattern.

Measures over 3” (10cm) high, 13” (34cm) long and 4” (12cm) wide.

LEGO Creator Expert 10262 James Bond Aston Martin DB5

LEGO Creator Expert 10262 James Bond Aston Martin DB5James Bond Aston Martin DB5LEGO Creator Expert 10262 James Bond Aston Martin Aston Martin DB5

Are you going to add the Aston Martin DB5 to your collection? Let me know what you think of the set, and the design of the DB5 in the comments!

Next , I want to share the Lightailing Lighting Kit compatibel with Aston Martin DB5 10262 .It’s time to light up Aston Martin DB5 !

 James Bond Aston Martin DB5

Follow LIGHTAILING® step-by-step instruction book to light up your James Bond Aston Martin DB5 10262.something amazing will happen at night. (LEGO set is not included)




About LEGO® James Bond Aston Martin DB5 LIGHTAILING® Lighting Kit  $27.99

- Free Worldwide Shipping


Bring magical shine to your LEGO® James Bond Aston Martin DB5.This highly detailed LEGO® model is a spectacle in itself,but when paired with our LEGO® lighting kit,this charming model come alive,not only during the day,but also at night.


About Installation

LIGHTAILING LEGO® Lighting Kits provide an easy way for LEGO® fans to customize their models using LED lights.With detailed,step-by-step instructions books,anyone can light up their LEGO® set.All our kits are plug and play - no electronics knowledge needed! 

James Bond Aston Martin DB5 Instruction 1LEGO Creator Expert 10262 LEGO Creator Expert 10262 CreatorLEGO Creator Expert 10262 builderLEGO Aston Martin DB5 Creator

Our mission is to give your bricks new vitality, bring shine to your world. The Led lights are all handmade and use environment-friendly material. This is a high-quality and fantastic item. Being Lego fans and after the building bricks build together, we watched them lose brightness in the darkness, thus they motivated our inspiration to make them shine so that we had lightailing led light.


Package include & Tips

Package includes: 1 USB light kits, universal and special version instructions, battery box, all packed in a new original box. Prepare the power bank, battery box or USB Hub in advance, When you light up your Aston Martin DB5 , you should test the product to see if it works properly, and power supply should be less than 5v to avoid burning. The product is compatible with any major brand bricks and it is easy to install but you have to be careful when you do this.


Bringing brightness to your building blocks

The led light can make the building blocks toys shine in an instant, and it means that it gives them brightness in the dark. Connecting the power at that moment, different light color makes them more beautiful and unique rather than dull and boring.


Give your bricks new vitality

Not only does the led light give us visual appreciation, but make us feel the beauty of led light for building blocks. It is the existence of led light that gives building blocks new life and brings them new vitality.


Product details

It seems like being in a real scene, when you light up your building blocks that make people feel immersed and enjoy the moment. This is a special lighting show that Lego fans love.


Lighting models is an area that LEGO neglects so if you're looking for a third party solution to illuminate a special model, take a look Lightailing has to offer for vehicles, buildings, Technic models and so on. You're bound to find one, and if not, you'll find individual lighting accessories there, or you can contact Lightailing service to make a custom light .too. You can also view plenty of photos of lit-up models on Lightailing facebook.


Thank you so much for reading!  wink

Lightailing Blog Team

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