4 Reasons Why Having an Excellent Lego Set Collection Is Not Enough

From the series of vehicles from the Lego City series to the vintage automobiles from Lego Technic series, from the futuristic ships of Lego Star Wars series to the world architectural models from Lego Architecture –there are numerous themes to explore in Lego. While some have an inclination towards sci-fi, some have an interest in building cities and so on. Among a group of Lego enthusiasts, one of the best competitions is always stacking more and more Lego sets because the more, the merrier.

Showing off your nerdy side through your collection of Lego structures can create envy among others but if someone has a structure that glows at night, the winning strike is made. Here are four reasons why the sets are not perfect without LED lights.  

Light kit for harry potter

Lego Structures Do Not Glow In Dark

Do your structures get brightness when the lights are turned off at night or when the daylight wears off? Well, with Lego lighting  you can keep the structures under enough brightness 24x7 so that onlookers can always find the structures properly lightened up. Basically, without the lights, the Lego structures would be invisible at night and none would appreciate your effort put in assembling the pieces. The lights consume low power and are better than the incandescent lights.   

Special Light Effects Cannot Be Made With Lego Sets

Light kit for lego set

From creating the magical effects in Harry Potter models to recreating a fight sequence in Star Wars or Avengers models, the best Lego light kits  make sure you get the best out of every structure. While the movies or TV series shows excellent light effects for the scenes, without the lights the structures would miss out from those special effects and look dull in spite of being assembled perfectly in detail. You can have an excellent and extensive structure made of vibrant pieces but the vibrancy is enhanced only when you have installed the lights.  

Highlighting Special Parts of Structure Is Not Possible

You can argue that by keeping the room lights switched on throughout the night, you can light up Legos  as you like but in reality, the room light lighten up the entire room and the special parts of the structure is not specifically highlighted. Even if you ignore the electricity cost for the room light staying turned on for the entire night, you cannot ignore the fact that the LED lights are designed specifically to highlight the special parts while giving an overall brightness to the model.  

light kit

Customization of Lego Sets Is Possible Only With Lights

You would often want to add a few different Lego models and each of their Lego night light to create a large scale model. Without the lights, combining the structures can be possible but customizing can be made more eye-catching once you add customized lights because all the lights from the models are connected with a single power source and any change made to the structures becomes more visible when LEDs highlight them.     

During your childhood, lighting kits for Lego sets were not common but now Lightailing is launching light kits for newer models at regular interval. While in your childhood, having the most number of Lego sets was enough to make you stand out, now you need more than that.



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