7 Facts Everyone Should Know About Lighting Lego StarWars

Anyone feeling proud to be a nerd would definitely relate to the characters like Han Solo, Darth Vader, Chewbacca from the Star Wars series as well as the futuristic spaceships like Millennium Falcon, Imperial Star Destroyer or X-Wing Starfighter. It can be assumed beyond doubt that a Star Wars fan and a Lego enthusiast would utilize his/her skill and determination in assembling the large-scale structures from the Lego Star Wars.

However, while assembling the pieces is a different matter altogether, when it comes to installing lights, a whole new world awaits. Here are the seven facts that every Lego enthusiast nerd should be aware of before putting hands on Star Wars sets –

Lego set light kit

Thousands of Pieces to Assemble

Each Lego Star Wars model comprises of one or few thousands of Lego pieces which are to be assembled perfectly and with utmost patience and concentration. If you make mistake in assembling any part, the Lego StarWars lighting  would not look half as grand as it is supposed to look. Take as much time as you need because once the lights are attached, dissembling the structure is disheartening.

Lights Are As Small As Lego Pieces

Death Stars lego set light kit

Although the LED lights are of high quality and sufficient brightness, they are of a very small delicate size which makes them easily mingled up with the thousands of Lego structures and light accessories. Before using, keep the lights inside the packets or wrapped in bubble films to avoid tampering.  

Pieces to Be Assembled Before Light Accessories

As you get only seven days for returning any defective or broken accessories from the light kit and the extensive structures often take up more than a week to be assembled fully, it is better to complete assembling the entire structure before the light kit for Lego Star Wars sets  arrive. Assembling beforehand lets you start with the light accessories right away and take actions fast in case of discrepancy.

Y-wing lego set light kit

Wires to Be Concealed But Comfortably

The structures like the Death Star, Darth Vader’s Castle, Imperial Star Destroyer, etc are so detailed and grand that you cannot compromise with the look by letting wires dangling or poking out of somewhere. With so many Lego pieces, concealing the delicate wires between and beneath the pieces is easy and recommended.    

Lights Can Be Customized

The LED lights from one structure can be easily used for another almost similar structure if you want and lights can also be installed according to your desire i.e. in your desired places instead of where they are written to be installed.  

Starwars light kit for lego set

Many Structures with Lights Can Be Combined

You can light up Lego Star Wars  sets by combining two or more models if you wish to create a certain scenario from the series or wish to create your own choice of scenario. All the lights from the combined structures can be connected with the single main power source.

Batteries Are Not Included  

Make sure you purchase the AA batteries to insert in the battery pack given with the lighting kit because the package does not include batteries. Get spare batteries so that when one dies, your structure is not left in dark.

 Star Wars is such a franchise that is closely connected to almost every play accessories featuring sci-fi theme and Lego too makes perfect use of this connection to bring out its highly addictive Star Wars series.



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