5 Amazing Lego Set Light Kits To Gift Lego Lovers

Gifting the perfect thing to someone is something many people feel confused about but when you are gifting a Lego enthusiast, nothing can be more perfect than a Lego lighting kit. When both you and the recipient is a Lego building aficionado, chances are that you would have all the best Lego sets in your possession. The light kits are gaining popularity among Lego fans and when one has a Lego model, the best addition would be the light accessories so that their models always remain vibrantly lit no matter whether it is day or night. Here are five options you can consider from Lightailing light kits –   

Light Kit For Parisian Restaurant 10243

Parisian Restaurant 10243 Light Kit

In the Lego Parsian Restaurant light kit, you will get nine 30cm white LEDs, four warm white light strips and a warm white LED for the lamp post. The lights will highlight the special features of the 2469-piece Creator model that is suitable for 16+ years old Lego fans.

The kitchen with six-burner stove and knives, the indoor and al-fresco dining area with tables, flowers and hanging lanterns, the cozy apartment with a folding bed, the artist studio and the detailed façade will be lightened up with the help of lights, connecting cables, expansion board and more.   

NASA Apollo Saturn V 21309 Light Kit

Light Kit For NASA Apollo Saturn V 21309

For this 1969-piece set, the light kit for Lego Saturn V 21309  will be like icing on the cake and any astrophysics lover would find this gift just perfect. Apart from two connecting cables of 5cm length each, the lighting kit includes two expansion boards with 6 ports each and three multifunction boards. There are five warm white LEDs measuring 30cm each to lighten up the removable 1st rocket stage S-IC, 2nd rocket stage S-II, and 3rd rocket stage S-IVB.  

Mickey Mouse Steamboat Willie 21317 Light Kit

Light Kit For Steamboat Willie 21317

Any Disney and Lego fan would love the Lego Steamboat Willie light kit  for the Mickey Mouse Steamboat Willie structure with 751 pieces. This black and white set from Lego Disney Ideas series gets vibrancy with the warm white light strip, two 15cm blue LEDs, four 30cm LEDs and ten 15cm LEDs of warm white tone. The Minifigures of Mickey and Minnie, hidden wheels, paddle wheels, boat’s name sign and the adjustable crane are highlighted by the light kit.

Hulkbuster Smash-up 76104 Light Kit

Relive the Marvel Avengers moments with the Lego Hulkbuster light kit for the Hulkbuster Smash-up 76104 model that comes with 375 pieces, appropriate for kids aged between 7 and 14 years old. Gift the light kit to any kid so that he/she can set up the 15cm white LED and nine 15cm blue LEDs in the model to liven up the Infinity War battle between Bruce Banner in Hulkbuster suit and Outrider with Proxima Midnight.  

Sydney 21032 Light Kit

Light Kit For Sydney 21032

The light for Lego Sydney light kit  includes a 15cm white LED, three warm white 15cm LEDs, three 15cm blue LEDs, and five slow flashing 30cm colored lights. If your friend wants to visit Sydney or has a connection with this beautiful city, the 361-piece Sydney 21032 model from Lego Architecture series and its light kit will be the best gifts. The light will highlight the Harbor Bridge, Deutsche Bank Place, Opera House, Sydney Tower and the translucent water of the harbor.

Adding lights and connecting wires properly, setting up expansion boards and multifunction boards and setting up battery pack and USB hub –all these jobs will get easier for your friend when the instruction manual is there.  


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